Civil Rights Movement Assignment

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Before any steps could be oaken for the equality of human kind, we had the tackle the idea of intergeneration. This time is often referred to as the Nadir of American Race Relations, which simply put means that racism was at its worst during the time period of the Civil Rights Movement. Pulling together for equality proved to be a grueling task for Americans. In order to move into the future, one must let go of the past, and many people were not eager to abandon the beliefs that had been ingrained in them since birth.

Racial discrimination was present nationwide but the outrageous violence of African Americans in outworn states became know as Jim Crow Laws. Jim Crow Laws made it impossible for African Americans to be equals. It prohibited Blacks from marrying Caucasians, owning restaurants that served people of other races, drinking out of the same water fountain as whites, virtually separating races on every imaginable plane. These laws added layers to the deterioration of Society making once race feel inferior to another.

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The whole purpose of the Civil Rights Movement was to abandon this way of thinking and take a journey into the unknown, which was unity. Although historically Jim Crow Laws were abolished in the sass’s for good, the ideas, events, and feelings that emerged from this unfair practice of this law still haunted the south many years after. During the mid sass’s some African Americans had had enough, that is when The Black Panther Party emerged formed by Hue P. Newton and Bobby Seal. The Black panther party promoted civil rights coupled with self defense.

This was a step back as far as Intergeneration is concerned. The Black Panther Party adopted the term “Black Power” which argued for black agglomerations, and to assert that the assimilation inherent in integration robs Africans of their common heritage ND dignity. Every idea or thought has a parent. Malcolm X was the father of “Black Power”. The teachings of The Black Panther Party poked holes in the efforts of Martin Luther King Jar. Claiming that it unrealistic for African American’s to fully be accepted as equals in American society.

The party remained an alpaca organization but recognized that other minority communities needed to organize their own set of rules and encouraged alliances with such organizations. The paper believes that African Americans did not reform to U. S. Mainstream culture but became more oppressed by their own actions, because the teachings of “Black Power’ never had the chance to be fully carried through. The Civil Rights Movement in America made many things possible for Society.

Through hard work, perseverance, determination, and unshakable faith, our ancestors carved a permanent pattern in the over all well being of mankind. Despite that fact that the ideas of our ancestors have been on extreme ends Of the spectrum as discussed, their main goal was to create as close to a utopian society as possible. During a time when fear was the common state, and could have been crippling, our ancestors used it as a driving force. It is scary to think about where we would be as Americans if Rosa Parks hadn’t stood up for what was right.

Or Martin Luther King Jar. Didn’t stress Integration ism as the way to eliminate racial discrimination. Hue P. Newton made it possible for African American people to believe that we had the power to govern ourselves and be self sufficient without the help and guidance of other races. These two different ideas were in a tug of war during the Civil Right Movement in America. Neither is right nor wrong, both ideas have elements that contribute to our history as Americans, in that, there is no right or wrong.

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