The civil rights movement was a worldwi Assignment

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The civil rights movement was a worldwide political movement that took place all around the world, and not only in the IIS which many people think. The debate started in USA but reached to other areas outside of US as the movement got bigger 1. 2. The main idea of the whole movement was to have equal rights for everyone no matter what skin color someone had, nobody would have to be discriminated due to their race and everybody should have the same rights to do the same things (example) 1. 3. Chimers del 1 A.

Even though slavery had been disbanded in the asses by the most entries, minorities especially African Americans still had it quite rough comparing to the average white man Afro Americans still had few rights in society and where often treated with lower values than a white man this led to a big repression among the African Americans which had been going on for hundreds of years. But in December 1955 when a black man refused to give up his seat to a white man the whole repression broke loose and demonstrations occurred all over the US because of this single event, and this is said to have set off the civil rights movement. . 1 The Black Panthers party was an African American revolutionary socialist lattice organization who fought for African American civil rights in the United States during 1966 to 1 982 They were primary against police brutality against (soar) (They failed but debate) 2. 2 Congress of racial equality was a Civil rights organization founded 1 942 in Chicago. Congress of racial equality sought to bring an end to racial segregation in the United States through a nonviolence act The organization participated in campaigns on black power demonstrations and also aided and organized events as march on Washington demonstration. Also held events outside of us in Africa 2. 3. Naacp or national association for the advancement of colored people is big African American civil rights organization which still exists of today (compared).

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Other major features included the prohibition of job discrimination and the creation of the Equal Employment Opportunities 4. 3 The 1965 Voting Rights Act was a natural follow on to the 1 964 Civil Rights Act and was called the voting act The act ensured blacks right to vote by prohibiting states to ban lacks to vote At the end of 1 965, a quarter of a million new black voters had been registered.

By the end of 1 966, only 4 out of the 13 southern states had fewer than 50 percent of African Americans registered to vote The Voting Rights Act has been called the single most effective piece of civil rights legislation ever passed by Congress. 4. 4. In 1 968 Congress passes a Civil Rights Act prohibiting racial discrimination in the sale or rental of housing.

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