Civil Rights Movement Assignment

Civil Rights Movement Assignment Words: 293

The Civil Rights Movement in the cays and sass’s was necessary because of the fact that African Americans were being denied their rights as citizens during Eng that time. This was mostly seen in the South system of legal segregation. The Civil Rights Movement helped with many issues. The first would be Jim Crow Laws. The Jim Crow Laws made it so that blacks couldn’t marry a white p errors, black and whites had to use separate facilities, black and whites used separate schooling, and etc.

The Civil Rights Movement took this away allowing blacks a ND whites to use the same facilities, schools, mixed marriages, and etc. Another I s Brown V Education. This was a case in which the court ruled state laws making spear ate schooling for black and white students. Blacks did not learn the same, got the old books, and etc. The Civil Rights Movement helped with letting blacks get the s name education as whites had. Another was Emmett Till. Emmett Till was beaten and killed at he age of 14, by two white men, that say they were trying to teach him a “less on”.

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He went into town and bought something, he then handed the lady his money in stead of putting it on the counter to let her grab it. He said a remark, in which her case was “bad”. That night, she Went and told her husband about what had happened. Husband and his half brother had went to the house he was staying in, and ski damped him. They then took him to an abandoned shack and beat and shot him right I n the head. His murder affected the Civil Rights Movement extremely.

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