The Civil Rights Movement: Birmingham Assignment

The Civil Rights Movement: Birmingham Assignment Words: 308

Civil Rights Movement spread to many cities that segregated African-Americans and Whites under Jim Crow Laws. One of the cities, in fact the most segregated in the united States, Birmingham, was experiencing the one of the most serious events throughout the Civil Rights Movement, including protests, bombings, killings, and of course, lots of segregation. As Birmingham was the most segregated city in the U. S. A,

It seemed the perfect battleground for the war against segregation. People marched near houses, public areas, and many other places. However, during these times, police always remained active during such events, because since African-Americans wanted equal rights as Whites and wanted to integrate, it needed to be stopped. They never remained passive. They had the courage to arrest hundreds of people marching. What was surprising was the police used German Shepherds to attack the crowd and called for the Birmingham Fire

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Department to spray hoses on marchers. The police were determined to stop the marchers from going to Downtown Birmingham where all the White communities lived. This caught the attention of many important African- American leaders like Martin Luther King Jar. In fact, his famous letter from Birmingham jail to John F. Kennedy made him more involved in helping African-Americans achieve equal rights and desegregate America. Besides marching, as African-Americans got angrier about their civil rights,

Whites used force to stop and harm Blacks. A major violent group who often killed Blacks bombed so many districts in Birmingham that Birmingham was called “Bombing. ” Another Black district was called “Dynamite Hill” because it always got bombed. Many events happened in 1963 in Birmingham. One thing we could possibly conclude is African-Americans had really tried their best to achieve similar rights as Whites. Birmingham was a very interesting yet scary city especially in 1963.

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