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The American struggle for racial equality can hardly be placed within clear temporary boundaries. It took many people like Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tuba, Sojourner Truth, Our president Abraham Lincoln, Cackle Robinson, post World War II litigation efforts of Thorough Marshall, and lastly in the language of Martin Luther King Jar , since the Civil War for anything to really change towards human rights, civil rights at that. The Declaration of Independence has always represented a “declaration of Intent ether than of reality,” the unfulfilled quest for equality will test the nation’s best efforts for generations to come” Generally, it made clear how much pain and suffering the African-American community has endured. Some laws that were passed helped with institutional racism. Racism, prejudice, hate became less acceptable in mainstream society. However, there Is still much racism in the USA. Racism is experienced by many groups, especially African-Americans.

Latino, Aslant Americans, and other groups, also suffer. Gay people suffer. The change in the laws affecting all these groups has helped, but the greatest racism is often done in a hidden way by employers and landlords. In society, there is still much segregation. But, the civil rights movement was enormously successful in pointing to the wrongs of society. The non-violent protests of Martin Luther King and many others showed Just how horrible and selfish the white community could be. Many African Americans suffered or were hurt or killed.

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It makes me sad to think that there is still so much hatred. There are so many selfish people in the world who eject others who are not like themselves. How selfish it is of anyone to expect that others should be like themselves. It is the differences in all of us that make the world a wonderful place. Let us live In peace. The call rights leaders In these 2 decades made America WAKE up to the horrors. I believe it causes awareness that even though the blacks were free from slavery from the civil war. That they were still not equal.

They had separate drinking fountains, separate bathrooms, they couldn’t sit anywhere on the bus, they couldn’t just go get a Job anywhere, they couldn’t attend the same schools as white people, they couldn’t eat in the same areas as white people. Even during WI blacks couldn’t fire weapons. Their Jobs in the military were basically kitchen work or work that the white people didn’t really want to do. In the ass’s and ass’s people wanted to change that. There were sit-Len and protests. White person would walk away from committing murder.

But Rosa Parks helped with the bus boycott and then there were the Montgomery black students who attended he white school, they were sit-ins at restaurants and peace rally and walks. From all the protests, sit ins, and people who spoke for civil rights, blacks can attend the same schools as whites. They can go to college and get the same Jobs as whites. They can sit anywhere on the bus or get a house anywhere. We can use the same bathrooms and drinking fountains. They can enter any restaurant and be served without having to sit in a far off corner. Because of that time era it basically made America what it is today.

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