The New Civil Rights Movement Assignment

The New Civil Rights Movement Assignment Words: 546

The Civil rights movement made many accomplishments during its time. Throughout the asses-1 sass, the civil rights movement shifted perspective on how to achieve their goals as well as those who had an influence on it. Civil right movement followers faced many challenges, some being from the changing character of the movement. The civil rights movement was greatly influenced by Martin Luther King Jar. And his nonviolent methods. Although this method was very successful in the south, it did not have the same effect n the North.

When, DRP. King went north, supporters noticed that the nonviolent protests did not have an affect in stopping the violent. Riots of Watts as stated in Document 1 showed that this was not the way to fix the issue. The riots in the movement paved a way for a new movement known as the Black Power movement. This movement stressed the importance of African American sticking together and protecting each other against the violence. Malcolm Ax’s preaching’s been a new influence that everyone began to follow (Document 2). Although they greatly respected Martin Luther King Jar. African Americans moved toward Malcolm X ‘s preaching’s. They believed that people were already somewhat familiar with this style of protest. Due to DRP. King’s methods being unsuccessful, us porters found that defending themselves against violence would help the cause more as it did. One example would be during DRP. King’s marches in Chicago when supporters had objects thrown at them (Document 2). Some supporters caught the objects and threw them back. People were not interested in peacefully negotiating, they were angry.

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In a way, it was all the tension that leads to the Black Power movement. A change in people caused the movement to change its perspective on fighting for rights. Lastly, through all these changes, supporters faced many challenges: some being directly and indirectly towards them. Throughout the whole movement in the North, there nonviolence methods did not work as it still lead to riots. Riots in neighborhoods as a result of the police starting them and African Americans not being able to fight back.

As shown in a picture in Document 3, there was police all over town with weapons and striking the African Americans, with the neighborhood filled with poor innocent people. Also, Martin Luther King wrote how the Vietnam affected the civil rights movement and how people could not be helped due to it. Poor communities were neglected as more money was invested into the war. Martin Luther King Jar. Stated an ironic situation in which African Americans fought along side white Americans in the war but when home they would be segregated (Document 5).

The FBI put forward challenges to the movement by violating African American’s first amendment to stop the spread of the movement. They wanted to stop powerful leaders such as Martin Luther King Jar. Throughout the civil rights movement, the character shifted due to the anger and unsuccessful methods that happened in the North. Due to this, the Black Power movement gained power, with influences by supporters like Malcolm X. The challenges were one of many factors that lead to the change in the civil rights movement attitude, as they were terrible and unconstitutional.

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