The Great Style of Gatsby Assignment

The Great Style of Gatsby Assignment Words: 343

Nick constantly observed Daisy’s character –which was clearly a challenge– since he could never put her into words. Once Gatsby described her as full of money, this statement agreed with the previous claims made by Nick. She was youthful, rich in nature, and loved by all for her bright personality. F.

Scott Fitzgerald uses slight apostrophe and hyperbole to describe her voice Ewing full of money, when it wasn’t literally filled with cash and change. Chapter 1 “l hope she’ll be a fool that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool. ” The phrase describes how Daisy is aware of the societal issues of the sass’s period. With men running the game in this age of patriarchy, women most commonly took care of the homes. This includes child bearing, cleaning, and cooking, and so on.

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With Daisy’s lifestyle of luxury, it appears in this book that he doesn’t have to deal with cooking and cleaning but she is unable to provide any other successful uses. She hasn’t been able to carry herself in a proper manner as a lady should. So she’s a “fool” for not being able to recognize herself, in this gilded shield that luxury has put on her. With the birth of her new daughter, she hopes that her child will be able to live a better life, and hopes that she won’t let people walk all over her for being a just another pretty face.

There is no confusion like the confusion of a simple mind” This phrase in my opinion effectively provides a sense of Fitzgerald style and word choice. This quote left me pondering on what the actual meaning is, mainly because of the use of “confusion” twice. (Which, not jokingly, left me confused. ) His use of small phrases limits his ability to create an explicit style. Personally enjoy that limitation since it forces the reader to think about what they just read and connect it to his story telling.

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