World Regional Geography Assignment

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The geography of the world Is very complicated and elaborate. According to Publisher and Publisher (2011 ) geography deals with the physical aspects of a place, why people decided to occupy a certain place, the environmental issues a certain place might have and how people might interact with other places of the world. The products that are unique to certain geographic origins historically have been produced because of the resources and soils that certain products are obtained from.

The changes In the development of goods have been shown through trading routes that connect all the countries of the world. The crops and resources found in different areas can now be shared through certain regions. The political and economic issues of undeveloped regions have caused price fluctuations such as oil prices in the Middle East and not being able to extract the resources such as In Africa. The household Items that I recorded and calculated describe how goods and products are an essence of wealth in the world.

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Data: The majority of the products are made in the United States accounting for 41% of the overall products in my household. The soils of North America are very fertile with a generally mild climate that provides good rowing conditions for crops. The united States produces long lasting goods was China with 25% and Japan at 6% creating the top three. Japan is known for its technology and many of the technological products throughout the world are made in Japan. Indonesia and Italy were recorded at 3% along with Mexico and Turkey at 2% out of 100 total items.

This relationship is due to the economies and world trade. Methods: I got my data from finding items in my household and going from room to room picking out the items. I looked at the product label or tag to determine where the product was manufactured. Once my data was collected, I set up an excel sheet and categorized the items into electronics, food, clothing and other. I then put the origin of the item beside each of the categories. The items that I wasn’t able to find any manufacturer I researched and recorded where the majority of that item was made.

After my data was completed I calculated how many items were from each of the countries on my excel sheet to determine the percentages out of 100 total items. Analysis: The patterns of agriculture and manufactured products overseas cover the vast regions of the world. These regions include North America, Middle and South America, Europe, North and Sub-Sahara Africa, South and East Asia and Oceania. All of these regions are important to The Cold War influenced the contemporary role of regions and countries in the global economy due to multicultural relations through modernization.

The modernization of the cold war was an important element of American foreign relations (Anger, David, 2003). The Cold War helped create an appreciation for non-western civilizations. This grew the idea of cultures coming together. Western countries such as the United States had programs designed to bring about changes and new ideas to the Soviet Union (Richmond, Yale, 2003). This process created changes in economics and politics throughout many regions of the world. This is one of the reason there is a lot trade throughout certain places such as Europe, Japan and China.

In order to compete with the cheap products manufactured in Asian countries such as China the United States markets consumers with quality products that last longer and are more efficient. It is also difficult to find American made products due to outsourcing overseas. This has resulted in many Americans searching for American made products for there quality and patriotism. Many American businesses will sell specialized products and sell less of them in order to compete with big corporations. Products made by high-end fashion designers and colleges include some of these specialized products. Cause it is generally not produced to the same extent as basic goods. Although licensed college merchandise is priced more people will still pay the price because it is made in America. Fashion designers can produce their products at the same price with better quality in the United States rather than producing their products overseas. According to an BBC news article written by Kim Susann High end fashion designers eke to observe their products being made in factories. The working conditions are better and producing the products in America provides more Jobs and quicker transport to stores.

America is known for many goods and products because of its vast amount of resources. There are many other regions that aren’t known as well because of their climates and lack of resources or stability. There are some regions that are not found in my data due to lack of natural resources, undeveloped economies and political issues. The region of Oceania is not shown in my data because many of the animals and resources had to be brought to this region. According to Publisher and Publisher (2011) Europeans brought exotic plants and animals to this region to support food production systems.

The soils in some areas are infertile due to the clearing of forests making it difficult to grow crops in these areas. Undeveloped economy and the political issues. The main resource of Africa is fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are known to have price fluctuations on the world market making it an unstable source of wealth. According to Publisher and Publisher (2011) Africa is abundant with resources but due to the corrupt government, extreme poverty and rampant diseases global trade is difficult. The Middle East is only partially shown through Turkey in my data.

Although like Africa, the Middle East has important resources, the wealth goes into the hands of a select group of people. Conclusion: The overall data concludes that the USA and China produce the majority of the goods in my household. The food products showed how these items were brought from their original growing homelands to overseas trading routes. The reason certain regions were not in my data was due to the distance, unfertile soil, political and economic issues and corrupt governments. The resources of the undeveloped countries show signs of scrappiness in the political system, as the goods can’t be grown or extracted.

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