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Which coast is more geologically active In North America? The younger and most geologically active is the West Coast which has the highest mountains and is affected by frequent earthquakes and periodic volcanic activity. 2) Which Is the highest peak? The highest peak is Mount Mac Kinney in Alaska. 3) How did the Great Lakes form? The Great Lakes formed as glacial age gouged depressions between piles of marginal moraines built from rock fragments dropped at the margins of melting Ice masses.

As he ice sheet retreated Northward at the end of the last glacial phase, melt-water accumulated in the depressions, which became the great lakes. 4) Where are cactus and low shrubs grown? They grow in the hot desserts of the Southwest. 5) Distribute geographically in the U. S. , hurricanes, tornadoes, river floods, winter storms, and earthquakes? Hurricanes threaten the Mid and Southern Atlantic coast and Gulf coast states. Tornadoes are most common in the Plain States, the Mississippi Valley and Florida. River floods occur in the Mississippi river valley. Lighting is a year round event across the Southern part of U. S . Severe winter storms affect the upper plain States, the Midwest, the Western Mountains, and the Northeast coast of the us. Earthquakes are most Likely to occur along the west Coast from Alaska southward through California. The meeting of the North American plate and the East Pacific plate rise causes horizontal displacement along the San Andrea Fault. 6) To what is the population increase in U. S. Due?

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The relatively rapid annual population increase in the U. S. s unusual among the world ‘s materially wealthy and technologically advanced countries, due In part to the young Immigrant communities within the country who have larger families and higher birth rates h other groups. 7) Where are the vast majority of Canadians concentrated? The vast majority of Canadians are concentrated In a belt across the southern part of the country nearly parallel to the border with the U. S. 8) Why is Canada an attractive destination for immigrants?

Government policy protects multiculturalism and well known high living standards embodied make Canada an attractive destination for peoples emigrating from their homelands. 1 OFF The U. S. Tripled its area by 1850, buying land form France and Spain and acquiring the Western third by negotiating and military conquest. To ensure the rapid occupation of these new areas, land was sold by the U. S. Government at lower prices. The Homestead Act of 1862 provided families with very inexpensive and at times even free farmland. 10) What motivated Americans to establish their own manufacturing industries?

Independence and British hostility motivated Americans to establish their own manufacturing industries, providing goods that were at first not obtainable from Britain. Textile, metal goods, and leather goods were among the first industries to develop. 1 1) What is the difference between vertical and horizontal integration? Horizontal integration occurred when financiers bought up several producers of the same product, giving the new owners a large share of the total production of goods and enabling them to set prices. Vertical integration took this process further by noting the producers of product inputs with the product manufacture in a single corporate structure. 12) Describe the situation of Native Americans in U. S.? Many Americans feel abandoned by the Federal gob. Native Americans are concentrated on federally sequestered reservations lands that are unsuitable for agricultural productivity. By the sass, some 50 % of Native Americans were unemployed and 90 % were on welfare. Attempts were made later to reduce poverty imposed on Native Americans, who capitalized on the value of desired commodities like fresh water and timber.

However, lucrative deals with governments and water projects did not change the economic structure of Native American reservations. Some Native Americans developed tourist facilities but other chose casino gambling, which is a significant source of income. 13) When did the international economic influence of U. S. Begin? The U. S. Is the world’s most developed country in terms of economic prosperity, size and influence. The international economic influence of the U. S. Began after WI, during the economic recoveries in Europe and East Asia.

Investment growth and influence effused into many developing countries during the Cold War. In 1988 the U. S. And Canada established the U. S. And Canada free trade agreement, which led to NONFAT in 1994 by adding Mexico. The agreement continues to thrive despite a series of disputes. 14) How did U. S. Economy change minion and the early sass? Until 1950, manufacturing was the main engine fueling the expansion of the U. S. Economy. American based multinational corporations took their product to the world and opened factories in many countries in Europe and other continents.

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