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She makes sure that Susan Gifford, performs her job Of maintaining the patient records for future references, as well as, Tom Capabilities, handling most of the paperwork nickering to insurance reporting and accounting for New Century’. Also, she has to make sure that the reminder calls to patients and daily appointment list are prepared by Lisa Sung. Finally, as a manager, she has to keep track of supply chain and motivate Carla Hearer performs this job efficiently for her four doctors, three registered nurses and four physical therapist so that, they won’t have any problem in performing their practices.

Hence, New Century Health Clinic has five business processes if we look at it from its managements perspective. 3. Since, we need to develop a system for New Century for its operation and future growth we have option of choosing one of the following information systems: Transaction Processing System: It is a good system which protects the integrity of data in our organization and therefore if single element of a transaction fails, the system doesn’t process the rest of the transaction.

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Business Support System: provides job-related information support to users at all levels of a company. They help replace manual tasks as payroll processing. We need to collect all the information from every process and enter them in to our system to get valuable information about our business which helps make decisions for our company’s growth. User Productivity Systems: include all the levels of technology that improves productivity which include e-mail, vocalism, video conferencing, database management, desktop publishing, high speed internet, and company intranets.

If the clinic would expand its business in future and would have different branches, company intranet would be nearly mandatory for effective data processing and would be very helpful. The processes and system could be shared by all other branches which would decrease the cost of investment for the clinic to expand. Also, the patient information COUld be retrieved from any other locations of the clinic. They could have a facility of having their checkups in any of the branches of the clinic. The database and video conferencing would help managers and the doctors make decisions on the processes and operation of the clinic respectively.

All the user productivity systems are very important. These days, these productivity systems are becoming mandatory or any forms of business as everything we process and perform is going digital. Most of the organizations that have branches at different locations, uses company intranet to use the corporate data to perform their jobs are the best examples of user Productivity System. One of the specific examples would be UN (United Nations) that uses the internet to access corporate data from every branch in the world to perform its operations. 4.

System development processes includes the following steps: – System Planning – System Analysis – System Design System Implementation – System Support and Security New Century should consider mostly the Internet-based solutions among BIB and vertical and horizontal system packages. The reason behind selecting internet-based solutions in the system development processes is that most of, the users, who are one of the important key components of information systems are accessible to internet and they demand the services as appointment setting and paying bills online.

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