Cambodia Water Pollution Assignment

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Cambodia is a small country in the Indo-China peninsula. Cambodia can be called as an under-developed country, the country also faces the environmental problems as with the rest of the World. The basic problem of the countries lies in the water pollution. Emissions of organic water pollutants are being shared by factory, refer to emissions from manufacturing activities (chemical industry, clay and glass industry, food industry, metal industry and other).

As per the above discussion it is clear that Cambodia is a place where floods are one of the regular aspects. But these recurring floods are not only very big blow to the economy of the places where it occurs it leaves a strong impact on the climate of the place too. Many plants are being decayed and many animals are being died by the flood. These decayed plants and animal corpses are being carried by the flood water to different places, after the floods a new layer Of sediment gets deposited on the Tone Sap.

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After the floods a new layer of sediment gets deposited on the Tone Sap, and with the yearly floods and poor drainage systems the surrounding areas of the lake ransomed into marshlands. A long lasting effect on the aquatic plants and animals of Cambodia has been created because of the water pollution. The deaths due to the different water born diseases are readily increasing. Different types of poisonous sewage wastes, plastic packets in the water bodies have killed many aquatic animals and plants.

Deaths caused from water born diseases are increased in an alarming number. Other than the floods there are many other causes of water pollution in Cambodia. The causes are waters running from industries and factories, septic tanks, wastes room hospitals, oil secretion from the water vehicles and wastes thrown from the construction sites are some of them. Phonon Penn is an industrial area and the waters are highly polluted from thrown from the industries.

In the agricultural areas the poisonous pesticides gets dissolved in the ground waters and adversely effect human and animal health. The extracted minerals interact with both the ground and surface water to pollute the water resources. There are several ways in which the government can reduce the water pollution of Cambodia. The streams of rivers need to be prepared long with the drainage pattern maps. Aerial mufti-special data along with special photographs can be taken by flying over the river basin which will enable detailed discussion of the studies in the areas of Cambodia.

The charring capacities of the rivers can be find out by the periodical digging of the river beds. In the case of a country the health and human development form an integral component of the overall socio-economical development of the nation. The government should try to implement more and more development programs for the general development of the people like remarry education, family welfare, general health care services, disease control etc. Industrial pollution can be controlled with the means Of cleaner production.

The product-processes will be systematic and it will also encompass the energy and raw material conservation. The toxic substances will be reduced along with the pollutants. These aspects will be done in a cost effective way. Different methods, like end of pipe devises are generally used in order to control the pollutants coming from the industries, which lessen the hazards before they fall in the water, in the way lessening chance of water pollution.

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