Water Pollution in Cambodia Assignment

Water Pollution in Cambodia Assignment Words: 525

Water is really important for every life on earth, which is one common acknowledge that every one has knew for a long time. As a Cambodia citizen, the water pollution issue can make myself to really consider about it. For all Cambodia citizens, who living on the water as I saw in the pictures know that they are living in the really dangerous everyday life. Cambodia reputation is the country of wonderful that full with adventure and so much more that you and I want to see.

But come to place to live for the citizen, Cambodia is the entry that facing the biggest issue in the country’. When saw this picture of the houses on the water, and how people using that water for daily life, my heart becomes full with sadness, worry about those people. My thought has come with three reactions, which are their health, children, and governments plan. My first reaction was thinking about how that they do not know about all the dangerous that they are facing everyday. I personally do not know what is the right question to ask them, if I can have a chance.

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Too often those areas come the only place that they can build their house, and I do not know what could be their reasons for them to choose that area. There are so many reasons that come to my mind when I saw all their face, but do not know if all my reasons could be the same as their reasons. One reason has come to my mind when I writing this essay is that they have no choice to choose that place because of their family economy. My second reaction was about their health. Most of people who living in there right now are getting sick from that water that they are using.

That water has been polluted with so many sources and come from many different places. The mostly important, the governments do not try to find a way to help them with the water. There are so many ways that I believe that they can do, but they did not want to do it. My lastly reaction was that many organizations from around the world, which are trying to fix that situation. They had been trying to do so many things from the areas such as money, program, and show example for people on the field.

I had been acknowledging about some organizations that they re mostly focusing on the young people because they want those children growing in the safe environment. Do you know that so many young born children are dying because the bacteria in the water? On my conclusion, my country is facing with the biggest issue and we are really needed to fix it. Cambodia is the most wonderful country for all tourists to seek for new adventures, and we need our next generation children to keep our country to grow in future. Water pollution issue need to be stop, and we need to work together as Cambodia to stop it.

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