Criminal Justice Assignment

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I’m also going to discuss the pro and cons for both Probation and Parole Officers. You will learn many interesting things about Probation and Parole. Parole and probation officers are individuals that supervise offenders who have been sentenced to Nan-custodial sanctions or those released from incarceration. There are some similarities between the two positions but there are also some large differences. (Cited) http:// online. ICC. PDP. Du/ICC-careers-resources/criminal-justice-resource races/ research/ he-differences-between-parole-officers-and-probation-officers One of the largest differences are who the officers supervise. My career goal is to become a Parole Officer. Both of these careers deal with people of all walks of life. To become a Social Worker or Parole Officer, you must like to deal with people of different calibers. When, it comes to dealing with society, I have a big heart. I’m a people’s person and will do whatever; I have to do to help a person.

I feel choosing these two careers; I would be a great asset to meson’s life. I want to be a positive inspiration in someone’s life, which has been deprived it for so long. Education plays a major part in these careers. Having the proper training will always enable a person to be the best in their position. Once, you get the education you need, you will become successful in your career. Pour years, of college and years of training only makes it better. The more experience you have and training, its easier for a person to advance in their profession.

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Promotions are offered to persons who succeed n their career. Parole Officers, salaries range from $40,000. 00, so does Social Workers. Higher education levels, also creates higher salaries. A salary, for persons that has a Masters Degree, is higher than a person with just a Bachelors Degree. My plans are to open my own agency where as both of these careers will work hand and hand with what, I want to do with my business. I’m wanting to work with inmates that been incarcerated a minimum of 10 years. The reason, I choose to work with that age group is because.

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