Criminal Justice System Assesment Paper Assignment

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With modernized policing comes more complex challenges for police operations in the future, the demand for police knowledge and education is higher along with technical police areas in the criminal justice system, which has created more of a challenge for many. Justice speaks for itself, it is considered to be fair, honest, appropriate, and deserved. Justice can mean redressing any situation and getting to the bottom of it until a victim and an accuser are mound.

Justice is treating everything and everyone equally and with the same rights as others, non above others. When justice is related to police operations, they could almost be considered the same. In America, any person has the right to freedom of speech, has the right to their 4th Amendment (Search and Seizure), has the right to appeal a counsel, and so forth. All of these matters are taken into the consideration of police officials. For example, racial profiling has been an ever growing situation in America, u to much immigration Status and cultural difference.

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Police have learned and trained on how to take certain measures when it comes to modernizing and implementing justice. Furthermore, there are many components that many police officers conduct to keep justice flowing in their law enforcement system. Enforcing equal justice for all is one of the major components that officers apply when conducting police operations. Justice is applied to all citizens and arena ‘t “proven” guilty until the court of law says so. Police officers are also held accountable for their actions and duties as role models and civilians.

They are expected to implement all laws into their lifestyles as well, this helps create justice and equality between both sides. They too are held accountable for their bad actions, and are judged more roughly due to their positions in the criminal justice system and as examples of the law. There are many challenges that police officer’s face and will continue to face within years. Police the world over are thinking about the challenges they are keel to face in the 21 SST century.

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