Criminal Justice System Paper week Assignment

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The two most common models that is used by society to determine whether these illegal acts are crimes are due process and crime control. In due process, the rights of the people are being protected. Cases are handled with care so they won’t put away the wrong person. In courts, it is made sure that an individual’s rights are being protected. In crime control, the safety for the community is prioritize. It is made sure that the police officers are properly trained for the job they will presume, which is making the streets are safe and there is less criminals roaming around the streets.

Crimes on the streets are usually influenced by rational choice theory. Rational choice theory is when someone makes poor choices to feed their needs making them criminals by committing crimes. Rational choice theory relates to crime because for example, someone on the streets is hungry and has no way of getting food. They decide to steal food from a convenient store and stealing is a crime. TO feed their satisfaction Of eating, they avoid getting it from the hard way, in which is getting a job and get paid to buy food but they decide to get it the easier way by stealing from a convenient store.

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Another example of making a rational choice in making them a criminal is hen you are very good husband to your wife and one day your wife does something to piously off and make a rational choice by beating her up. Beating someone up results in breaking the law, assault. The main goals of criminal justice in deterrence, incapacitation, retribution, rehabilitation and restoration. There are two types of deterrence, which is specific deterrence and general deterrence.

The specific deterrence is when an offender is caught and punished and doesn’t want anything to do with criminal activities anymore. The general deterrence is when an offender is caught and unwished and the others don’t want to be involved with criminal activities because they don’t want to be punished like the offender that has been punished. So basically, deterrence is avoiding the crimes to avoid being punished. Incapacitation is locking a criminal so they won’t have the ability to commit crimes anymore.

Retribution is when a revenge has been done to a criminal. Rehabilitation is to having the criminal go to rehab because they are mentally ill. Restoration is when a criminal gets make amends with the victim Or the community. There are three components or parts of the criminal justice. These three parts are the police, correction and court. Each three component of the criminal justice all play an important role in the criminal justice system. The police are the ones that enforces the laws. They also prevent the crimes from happening.

The police also protect the rights of the people. The corrections also known as the correctional agencies carries out the sentences and protect the community. As the police protects the rights of the people, the corrections respects the rights of the convicted. The courts uphold the laws and determine whether the criminal being convicted is guilty or innocent. The courts are also responsible to provide fairness throughout the justice process. I think the criminal justice system is really a system when all the proper process is being followed.

Before this week, I had a very different understanding of the criminal justice system. Wasn’t really a fan of the criminal justice system. I always thought that the criminal justice system was not fair. I really loved what had learned this week. I think that if all the three components do their job right equally and fairly, think everything will be in place. During our weeks discussion amongst our classmates, I knew that I isn’t the only one that think that the criminal justice system is being done unfairly.

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