Cjs 210 Week Checkpoint Assignment

Cjs 210 Week Checkpoint Assignment Words: 265

The different tasks and duties that the police department performs are divided among its members. The tasks of the organization are divided according to personnel. Work assignments are designed so that tasks are given to particular personnel to get accomplished. In the police department, patrol functions are separate from detective functions, which are separate from internal investigative functions. Where the officers are located and the times that they work are established so that the area is covered at all times.

The chain of command is established so that each member knows their duties and who they report to. The superiors will know who they are in charge of and the areas that they are in control of. The police departments’ operational units are responsible for maintaining order, enforcing the law, and providing services to citizens. Organization is very important to the effectiveness of the police department. Police have areas, or a beat, that they are assigned to in order to maintain order, enforce the law, and provide services to citizens.

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The patrolmen have times that they are assigned to these areas since the job is one that is a twenty-four hour job and areas must be covered at all times. They also have a purpose which is to complete or maintain the task that they are hired to perform. It is very important for the police department to be organized in order to maintain a safe community for everyone to live in. While it seems that crime is getting worse, Organization is very important to the effectiveness of the police department.

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