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Property Management Assets Taxes Integrated with Fleet Maintenance System and the Enterprise Transportation System. All finance and accounting systems applications support (as are all other Huffman Systems) to include hardware, modifications, version updates, etc. System Name Fleet Maintenance System The Fleet Maintenance System is used to capture financial and accounting data/ information. Finance and Accounting department. Operations Department. Capture financial and accounting data/information relative to: Maintenance costing Fuel management and costing ABS 310 Week 1 Assignment

By Bobbie-Thompson Warranty management Materials inventory management Fixed assets Integrated with the Enterprise Transportation Application and the Finance and Accounting System. Talks to incorporate a Fleet Tracking system to keep track of vehicle expenses. Preparing to integrate into the ERP to allow for a real-time view current information Fleet Tracking System The Fleet Tracking System will monitor vehicle delivery times, maintenance, fuel costs, etc. Operations Marketing (goodwill marketing strategies) Finance & Accounting (costs) Human Resource (violations).

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Capture individual truck information showing: times to destination, stop times, driving safety (I. E. Stops and starts), speed limit monitoring, etc. To enable Safety guidelines and compliance. This is not yet adopted into the Huffing company, but discussions are being held regarding the benefits of using this tracking system. System Name Enterprise Transportation Application The Enterprise Transportation Systems is integrated to capture financial and accounting data/information. Capture financial and accounting data/information relative to: Fuel Tax reporting

Revenue analysis Driver management (cost & settlements) Claims Collections Licensing costs Payroll (driver only) Freight Billing (LET & Truckload) Imagining Interline Payable Insurance Integrated with the Fleet Maintenance System and the Finance and Accounting System. Preparing to integrate into the ERP to allow for a real-time view current information System Name Sales Database The Sales Database allows each salesperson to enter specific information about each customer including likes, dislikes, and decision making tactics. Sales & Marketing

Department Accounting & Finance Department Operations Department This database holds the most current customer information. The Sales force is able to update the information in this database (sales notes, account information, purchases, etc. ). Order and Tracking System. Plans to grow revenue by 12% by increasing value added incentives to current customers that will gain customer loyalty. Also plan to add services to gain new customers. System Name Order and Tracking System. This system tracks orders from customers. Sales & Marketing Department.

Accounting & Finance Department. To track orders, prepare shipping indications and bills of lading; also determine man- power needed. Sales Database. Preparing to integrate into the ERP to allow for a real-time view current information. Enterprise Resource Planning System The ERP system will integrate all major business components. Accounting & Finance Sales & Marketing Legal IT Department Linkage to: customer sales order tracking service and bill of lading signature (delivery) preventative maintenance and overhaul requirements HER and driver scheduling

General ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, etc. All Systems at Huffing. This integration of all current Systems into the ERP will allow for a real-time inventory of current information across the company. System Name Human Resource Information System The current system is integrated to track employees from an operational and financial perspective. Human Resource Department. To keep track of employee personal information, compliance information, employee labor/relations information, and applicant tracking information. ERP System

Accounting & Finance System Smith Consulting is recommending that Huffman convert to a new system that was developed by Smith for its clients. Supply Chain Systems The Supply Chain Systems include information such as: automotive parts suppliers, manufacturers of consumer electronic products, and the U. S. Government. Fleet Tracking System. Fleet Maintenance System. Finance and Accounting. Human Resource Department (Labor). Accounting & Finance System. Operations Tracking System. Preparing to integrate into the ERP to allow for a real-time view current information

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