A Closer Look on Hinduism and Buddhism Assignment

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The practice believes in the goal of ending self-suffering in order to go into Nirvana. ‘V. Buddhism and Hinduism are two great religions. A. Hinduism is more off religion while Buddhism is more off philosophy. B. Their belief in reincarnation and Nirvana are somewhat similar. C. True goal lies in reaching Nirvana and staying there. D. Hinduism teaches about many gods while Buddhism teaches Buddha being a mere teacher. V. As mentioned earlier, Buddhism and Hinduism are two great religions and philosophies. A. Anything similar or different don’t stop them from achieving their true goals.

B. A line from the movie God Part 1: “Allah is my son… Buddha is my son… As long as he promotes good then he is my son. ” As long as those religions promote good, we should respect them even if we don’t believe in them. A Closer Look on Hinduism and Buddhism Asia is known to be culturally diverse and one of the grand contributors of exotic and modern culture. Sharing a rich lineage, India is well-known for their contributions to culture, especially when it comes to philosophy and religion. They gave birth to two great religions and philosophies which are Buddhism and Hinduism.

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Existing not only for much of humankind but also side-by-side, it isn’t hard to trace their history or any similarities and differences. Hinduism was introduced through an evolution of prehistoric Vivid religions during 1700 BCC. Hinduism is known for its ‘umbrella’ polytheism wherein they believe in so many gods as long as they can worship them rightfully. A known fact is that it is actually possible for someone to know of a god you don’t. Further supporting their system of belief is the fact that Hinduism has darns/daydreams (views) which insists of practices from Vivid times until the modern era which is today.

Even though they are very diverse within the sect, they all believe in one true goal to achieve Nirvana (salvation) is to fulfill one’s dharma (duty) and break his/her reincarnation cycle. Aside from this, they also believe in a reward/punishment system called karma. Overall, Hinduism teaches about a duty that should be fulfilled and if not, you go through life once again through reincarnation until you do. If you do fulfill it, you achieve the state of salvation and spiritual peace that is Nirvana. Alongside Hinduism comes the development of Buddhism.

Introduced by a man known as Shattered Augusta in 6th century BCC in India, he developed the A Closer Look on Hinduism and Buddhism By nutmegs man. This later led to his major achievement which is reaching ‘enlightenment’ after meditating under a Boded tree (sacred fig tree). Him achieving ‘enlightenment’ is known as the core of Buddhism as a philosophy but it is the teachings of samara (reincarnation cycle) and like Hinduism, karma that brings it to a more holy and divine matter. Overall, Buddhism teaches one on how ‘desire causes suffering’ and to ND it, ‘one must achieve enlightenment’ and let go of desire.

Hinduism and Buddhism are two great religions and philosophies but something to take note of is that Hinduism is more of a religion and Buddhism more of a philosophy. As they both come from India, you may see some similarities such as their belief on reincarnation (samara) and karma. There is also the fact that they teach the same goal which is to attain a state of eternal peace and happiness which is Nirvana or ‘enlightenment’. Another thing to take note of is the fact that although their goals are almost alike, their cores are widely different.

Hinduism teaches that “one must completely fulfill his or her duty’ so that he/she may attain Nirvana whereas Buddhism teaches ‘one must stop desiring to stop suffering and because of that, you will be enlightened’. Another would be that in Hinduism, they are polytheistic (belief of more than one god) whereas Buddhism says Buddha is merely a teacher as he had never proclaimed himself a god. Like I said earlier, Buddhism and Hinduism are two great contributions to the world of today. Without them, we may never really attain cultural diversity and a fresh view on life.

Similarities and differences lie in between them but this does not stop them from achieving their respective goals which is to achieve, what I would call, personal fulfillment. I once heard in a movie, a man who portrayed God (Our Father) said: “… Allah is my son, Buddha is my son. As long as he promotes good, he is my son… ” I personally believe that no religion is wrong as much as it is considered right by its followers. As long as that religion promotes good in the world, then those religions should be respected even though you don’t believe in them.

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