Buddhism World Religions Assignment

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Buddhism; a religion that seeks to instill an ideal based on the Buddhist teachings or Dunham that record the life of the one, to live life the right way. The main purpose of Buddhism and its texts, was to present the Buddha teachings rather than the biography of the enlightened one; to lead us to the moral life, being aware of our actions, and develop wisdom, having many answers for the problems in society, and helping us to retire from them. Buddhism is based on two dominants Institutions that collects the Buddha teachings; he, better known as

Augusta, who accepted the title of ‘Buddha’, meaning, the fully awakened one, the one who attained enlightenment; the one who discovered the truths of ‘unsatisfactorily’ (ducked), the conditions that leads us into suffering, and its remedy; and then teaches it. These two are the Traveled Buddhism and Mahayana Buddhism. The two institutions, although both belong to Buddhism, follow two very different paths. Traveled Buddhism (the Doctrine of the Elders), represent the ‘original’ teachings of the Buddha, which also allows the worship of relics inspiring people to think that Buddha still there beyond Just the reading texts.

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In the end, what we want is to reach Nirvana, and this is Just going to be possible at the moment that we stop desiring, which brings as a consequence suffering; and the way to stop desiring, by that reaching enlightenment, is through meditation; following the Eightfold Path, and the Four Noble Truths, we are going to be able to reach nirvana. Unlike Hinduism, Buddhism only allows human beings as part of the cosmos, the only ones who can attain and live as enlightened beings (nirvana).

This is because human beings are the only ones who have the capacity to reason, meaning, perceive or live a life of suffering, and also, the only ones capable to understand the cure to get out of the way of suffering through the teachings of Buddha, in other words, we are the only ones who can attain salvation because we are conscious. But as the humans are trapped on the cycle of samara, the cycle of rebirth, there is no God that could help unman beings attain enlightenment.

Each one of us is the architect of our own future; we have been given the tools to follow the path to terminate dissatisfaction that leads us to desire, and finally reaching enlightenment. Good or bad karma can be explained through the world of five senses. Comprised of human beings, hell Buddhism World Religions By maneuvering of the textbooks.

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