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Mobile Phone and Lg Electronics Assignment Words: 2013

Established in 1958, LG Electronics, Inc. is a global leader and technological innovator of consumer electronics, home appliances, and mobile communications, employing more than 82,000 people in over 110 operations, including 81 subsidiaries around the world. Comprising four business divisions ??? Mobile Communications, Digital Appliance, Digital Display, and Digital Media ??? and with global sales of USD 38. 5 billion* in 2006, LG Electronics is the world’s leading producer of CDMA/GSM handsets, air conditioners, front-loading washing machines, optical storage products, DVD players, flat panel TVs and home theater systems.

LG Electronics’ efforts continue to enhance the global presence of the LG brand and maximize profitable growth. In particular, LG Electronics will be focusing on achieving profitable and sustainable growth in the mobile communications and digital display sectors to strengthen its leadership in the IT industry, while at the same time increasing its market share in the home appliance and digital media sectors. The Vision LG Electronics is pursuing its 21st century vision of becoming a true global digital leader that can make its customers happy throughout the world by means of its innovative digital products and services.

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LG Electronics has set a new mid-term and long-term vision, aiming to achieve a position as one of the top three electronics, information, and telecommunication firms in the world by 2010. The Brand Positioning Statement – LG strives to enhance the customer’s life (and lifestyle) with intelligent features, intuitive functionality, and exceptional performance. Choosing LG is a form of self-expression and self-satisfaction. Brand Platform – The LG brand comprises four basic elements: values, promise, benefits, and personality. Growth Strategy Fast Growth – Fast growth is the result of strategies designed to expand quickly, while improving the growth rate in terms of monetary value rather than quantity. ??? Fast Innovation – Fast innovation involves setting extremely high innovation goals and securing a competitive edge, aiming for a target of 30% more than what our competitors can achieve. Fast innovation also means 30% more sales and improvement in our market share, new product development and unveiling such products 30% faster, developing technology and establishing corporate value three years ahead of our competitors.

Core capabilities ??? Product Leadership – Product leadership refers to the ability to develop creative, top-quality products using specialized new technologies. ??? Market Leadership – Market leadership refers to the ability to achieve the “LG brand is No. 1” goal, thanks to its formidable market presence worldwide. ??? People Leadership – People leadership refers to talented people, who perform extremely well by internalizing and executing innovations Global Organization LG is truly a global organization and a market leader in mobile communications, digital appliances, digital media and digital display.

The organization structure, through which LG achieves its worldwide operational targets, consists of 4 regional headquarters and 5 operation centers. Strategic Alliances – “Strategic association between corporations,” in which companies with different infrastructures cooperate in the fast-developing 21st century business field, is of key significance in terms of strengthening the existing industry and creating a new one. LG Electronics is striving to become number one in the world by mingling in various business and technological fields and making strategic alliances with world famous companies.

Google – LG electronics established a strategic alliance with Google to develop a built-in Google mobile service function on its mobile phones and to benefit from cooperative marketing. Prada ??? The luxury brand “Prada Phone” is a result of LG electronics advanced technology and Prada’s luxuries design. In addition Google and Prada, LG has established strategic alliances with many other successful companies with include Yahoo, Microsoft, Philips and Intel. LG’s Global Organization Awards

In 2007 LG received Red Dot design Awards in 29 areas, IF design awards in 21 areas and CES innovation award in 11 areas Super Multi Blue Player ??? LG electronics SMB (Super multi blue player), which plays both Blu-ray disks and HD DVDs, received this year’s “Best in Show” award which is the top CES honor. The Product Portfolio LG electronics latest and stat-of-art product portfolio includes; The Prada Phone ??? its design focuses on simplifying the phone functionalities to the fullest and provides a striking contrast of high-polished black and metal.

The Prada phone is result of an alliance LG electronics and Prada. The Shine Phone – LG Electronics developed the Shine Phone by applying stainless steel instead of the plastic used in the production of previous products. The result was an innovative design product with a differentiated external image and style. As it is made of stainless steel, the mobile phone’s strength and durability have been significantly improved. Side-By-Side Refrigerator ??? LG electronics has looked beyond the existing product design in order to create a product that resembles a work of art into a kitchen appliance.

Art Cool – LG Electronics’ frame type air-conditioner has an innovative frame-like design that broke away from the stereotypical image of the air-conditioner, and can hold a picture or painting of the customer’s choice. Robot Cleaner – The most significant characteristic of the Robot Cleaner is that it uses the environmentally friendly and top-quality Brushless DC Motor to provide the 100 W of suction power and a motor life of approximately 2000 hours, which is almost 10 times that of conventional motors. Flatron Fantasy – It also provides a decorative spatial value. Wide-screen Notebook – The Wide Notebook T1 is 21. 5 mm thick and weighs 1. 3 kg (including the 6-cell battery) despite the integrated ODD. It is a dual-core laptop with the best mobility of all similar laptop models due to its innovative volume. Wall-mounted Projectors – LG Electronics brought its innovative flat design to life with this wall-mounted projector by developing the world’s first “L-type” lens. Conventional home projectors run the risk of spoiling the interior design of a home as they need to be attached to the ceiling. LG Electronics’ wall-mounted projector, however, is a top-quality product that can blend Touch Screen MP3 Player – Using the smart touch screen; FM37 does more than just play music.

It has various features and a practical interface and design. The Digital Future of LG Mobile communications, digital appliances, digital displays, and digital media ??? LG is paving the way for the future. Mobile Communications??- LG is a global leader in mobile communications, specializing in UMTS, CDMA, and GSM handsets. Thanks to its wide range of wired and wireless options, the company is becoming a force to be reckoned with on the international market. Digital Appliances – LG changing homes in many ways, offering customers exceptional value and convenience.

Innovative digital appliances from steam washing machines to refrigerators with built-in Internet and TV illustrate LG’s commitment to digital convergence. Digital Display??- LG offers a wide range of digital display products, equipped with customer-oriented designs and technologies. With its LCD monitors and projection TVs, LG is pulling out all the stops to remain the frontrunner in today’s digital display industry. Digital Media??- LG has a great interest in digital media and is continually developing and producing digital convergence products that promise to enrich the lives of its customers.

Its main focus is on producing high-definition, quality products in a variety of areas. Product ??? LG KG 195 ??? The Kg 195 has powerful speakers. ??? FM radio and FM recording options ??? Camera and Camcorder ??? Bluetooth ??? External Memory ??? MPEG4/MP3 player Main Focus of LG In the communication segment LG main products for its consumers consist of: CDMA/GSM handset, UMTS 3G handsets, Mobile TV Phone (SDMB/TDMB/MediaFLO/ DVB-H) LG mobiles with its strong policies of selling products created through intensive research ability and gorgeous designs are on the way of victory.

Unique Features of LG Mobiles LG is a first company who reveal CDMA platform-based digital mobile phones. This CDMA mobile handset shifted from the analogue phone to revolutionary multimedia handset, permitting the data transmission. LG mobiles are now motivated to guide the global mobile business by developing advanced, trends-setting and dependable mobile handsets. LG mobiles with its full LG accessories are accessible in the marketplace with LG faceplates for your handset.

LG cell phones are on the peak of the amusement resource supplier due to LG games which are specifically incorporated in the LG cell phones. LG ring tones are composed such a way that you can utilize these LG ring tones in your other handset through free LG software to download and LG free themes also accessible in the LG mobiles according to your need. In the most recent future LG software, LG cell phone free java games, free LG themes and free LG tones are incorporated to download in your handset with high technology.

To guard your private data particular LG codes are accessible in the LG phone to lock or unlock LG mobiles. LG mobiles are in a place to provide the 3G mobiles in a big amount. Consequently LG electronics sets his place as the third major and stronger mobile device dealers for the communication industry Communication Objective & Target Market The target market for the product LG KG 195 is the teenagers. The company selected this segment of the market because the teenagers currently comprise about 30 % of the overall mobile users and the growth potential in this segment is also high.

Keeping in mind that their target market are teenagers and that their brand is not well known in the Pakistani mobile market, the company decided to cast Ali Zafar in their advertisement since he is a popular figure among teenagers. Through the advertisement company has tried to portray that big celebrity like Ali Zafar use LG mobile phone as their first choice and the company has tried to create a perception that its product are as good as any other product in the market. Analysis of the Advertisement: Pros: – All the features of the cell phone have been mentioned. The male model, Ali Zafar, is quiet famous among the youngsters these days. Cons: – The inclination of the advertisement was more towards the models rather than the product, i. e, LG KG 195. – Except for the end where the features of the LG KG 195 have been told, the advertisement has nothing to do with the product. – The clothes worn by the female model are not accepted by most of the people in Pakistan. – Targets the upper class though the cell is not all that top notch. Detailed Analysis: In this add, tracing disadvantages is far more easier than spotting the advantages.

First, I would like to shed some light on the bare advantages of this add. Lg has made a wise choice by selecting the model cum singer, Ali Zafar, for their add. For the past few years, he has been gaining popularity among the youngsters of Pakistan. Many youngsters admire him and will surely want to try out the product. Another plus point of this add is that the major features of the cell phone have been mentioned, so someone looking for similar features will definitely want to check out the stores for Lg Kg 195.

Now coming to the cons of the advertisement. Vulgar, Immoral, Obscene, Immodest are some words which would have come to the mind of most of the population of Pakistan as our society does not accept such factors in adds. The clothes worn by female model are so revealing that people can not watch this add with family. Another drawback of this advertisement is that the focus was more towards the models rather than the cell phone itself. Except for the end, where the features of Lg Kg 195 have been mentioned the advertisement has nothing to do with the product.

The major drawback of the advertisement is that they have targeted the upper class while the cell is not all that top notch. Overall, the add will fall in poor category because they’ve skipped a wide target market i. e. the middle class since most of the people will switch channel before it actually gets to product features because of the obscenity and the few who will won’t be able to relate to the environment shown in the advertisement.

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