Ethics of Internet Searching Assignment

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For one to understand how important it is to use the nternet ethically they should know that there is ways unethical use Is being controlled, how their lack of cyber literacy affects their online decisions, and know how the world Is becoming Impacted by the “technology generations”. First off one should understand the ways unethical use on the internet is being controlled and by whom. “There is technology that can find out who you are and what you do online. ” (Bailey 9&10). Websites can be monitored by their makers to see what all you say and what all you do. The Recording Industry Association of America RIAA) is a group that represents people in the music business. ” (Bailey 29). The RIAA watches for peer to peer music sharing and you could get caught and get sued a good bit of money because In a way it’s considered stealing. It’s a better Idea to be ethical and just buy music from an ethical site such as iTunes. Another law, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPAI is designed to protect children’s personal information. ” (Bailey 30). This act is designed to watch and protect young children on certain websites so they are protected from dangerous older people.

The thical thing for parents to do Is make sure their child gets on ethical child gaming websites. Everything you post or send through the Internet stays there and Is accessible for years after you have put it on there. The ethical thing to do here Is post only the things you know you could say out loud in public to strangers and still be safe. So Just because you delete something it doesn’t go away so that if you do something unethical people can go back through the history and find proof to sue you.

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Having a lack of cyber literacy Is an important thing to realize and take care of so nethical uses of the Internet don’t happen. “This means knowing how to evaluate information you find online. ” (Bailey 23). Being able to properly evaluate information you find online can save you from getting involved with unethical activity. Knowing what is right and wrong is an important skill to have. “If it feels wrong, It probably is. ” (Bailey 26). Think through everything you do on the internet when using it. “Look at where information comes from, and then decide if it is useful. ” (Bailey 25).

Having a lack of cyber literacy causes people to make bad decisions while on the web. These bad decisions could get you In a lot of trouble because unethical using can result In fines. So learn cyber literacy so you can evaluate websites carefully and avoid trouble. Lastly one must understand how the world around them is being impacted by the technology generation. Younger generations are using the internet like it’s second nature to them but hardly any of them have good cyber literacy. This causes big generation’s lack of knowledge to take advantage of them. One way doing so is stealing their identity. Thieves often steal children’s identities because children on’t have credit problems. ” (Bailey 14). Also younger generations are controlling most companies dealing with the internet which can causes problems within the company because the younger people may again have bad cyber literacy which causes the company to be the same. “Companies such as Microsoft and Walt Disney sometimes ask young Web users for advice. ” (Bailey 38). Younger generations are in control of these companies and the products they create so we dont want the younger people to have horrible cyber literacy.

In conclusion, for one to understand how important it is to use the internet thically they should know that there is ways unethical use is being controlled, how their lack of cyber literacy affects their online decisions, and know how the world is becoming impacted by the “technology generations”. What you do and post on the internet is being monitored by many different companies and consequences will be given out to those who use the internet unethically. A lack of cyber literacy affects your online decisions because you don’t understand what websites are okay to use and trust and which ones you should avoid.

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