Global Warming in California Assignment

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Some scientists say that it is just the natural cycle of the Earth, therefore it is something that is going to happen no matter how many greenhouse gases here are in the atmosphere. These scientists also say that there is not much that we can do to stop it. (Plan to Cut) Others say that global warming was brought about by human activity. The 21 SST century is a highly industrialized world where factories burn a lot of fossil fuels, like coal and oil, to produce their products. The burning of these fossil fuels emits pollutants, like carbon dioxide, into the air. Scientists call these pollutants greenhouse gases.

It is believed that heat from the sun comes into the atmosphere, but it will not allow it to leave, which causes the Earth to radically heat up over time. (Planet In Peril) Whether or not global warming is part of a natural cycle or created by man, it is a problem that could completely alter the Earth’s entire atmosphere. In the 20th century, the Earth’s temperature rose about one degree Fahrenheit, but in the past thirty years it has gone up 3 degrees. (Planet it Peril) These warm temperatures can have dramatic effects on the planet. The polar ice caps will eventually melt, which will flood all low lying areas around the world.

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Some other effects are that people are dying due to heat, more and worse raciness are occurring and toxic plants, animals, and insects are migrating to places they’ve never been before. (Adapting to a New Reality) Global warming is an immediate problem that is threatening the world. The California Plan was based on the Kyoto protocol. However the protocol is not as strict. It requires the countries to reduce their emissions by 5 percent the 1999 values, while the California plan requires the emissions to be cut down by 15 percent. (Pro and Con) The Kyoto protocol was never approved by the united States.

The government thought that it would hurt the economy o much. (Is our Planet in Peril) There are many arguments against Californians plan on fighting global warming. One of the main arguments is that it will negatively impact the economy. It is estimated that 191 ,589 jobs would be lost by the year 2010, while the amount of jobs in the rest of the United States would be increasing. (Pro and Con) A new industry may be created because of the new, more energy efficient products. But it is likely that these products will be created in places besides California, therefore, this new industry will not help Californians economy. (Taking Big Gamble)

Another argument against the law, is that it will higher the cost of living in California. It already costs more to live and do business in California than other states, and if this law is passed, then this already high cost would go up even more. There is fear that companies that are currently located in California will relocate to places where they don’t have to worry as much about the amount of pollutants they emit. There are already many companies that have left because of the bad business environment. (Pro and Can) Companies already have to pay their workers higher salaries so that they can afford to live in California.

Passing this law would make companies have to spend more on conserving energy and possibly start to pay their workers less. There are many reasons for the new law in California. One of the reasons are that it will lower people’s bills in the long run. There may be higher up front costs, but it is worth it in the long run. For example houses with solar panels will have a monthly electricity bill that is around thirty dollars cheaper than a house without solar panels. (Taking Big Gamble) It is said that passing this bill will create around 89,000 jobs by the year 2020.

It will also open up a whole new “green industry. ” It is a move toward the future, and will put to use new technologies. California will be able to hirer people to build new power plants and to create new, every day products that will use less energy. There would now be an incentive to try and find cheaper and more energy efficient sources of energy. (Pro and Con) This new proposed law has an escape clause. It allows to the law to be dismissed if the state goes into a state of economic crisis. (Pro and Con) If it works out successfully, other states will be likely to follow in Californians toasters.

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