Global warming Assignment

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One might ask. Well, Global Warming is an increase in the earth’s average atmospheric temperature that causes corresponding changes in climate and that may result from the green house. Global Warming is a silent murderer. Global Warming is the cause for the many natural disasters. For example, haven’t we all noticed the number of large wildfires we’ve had Just this past summer, or how about the dangerous heat waves that are becoming more common as well.

Both of these reasons are harm to he planet, wildlife, and the human life. With this happening around the world there are animals soon that would be extinct because of this, and plants that will not be able to grow in certain areas. In addition, we are seeing more extreme storms causing flooding to happen. For example my own house, it has never flooded until three years ago and not only mine, but houses all over Chicago. Ever since then, there was been floods each year something that rarely ever happen around here. Global Warming is doing harm to the environment.

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Not only Is the planet getting warmer UT also places like Alaska, Greenland, and Montana are loosing glaciers that took thousands of years to build. For Instance, Northern Montana Glacier National Park used to have about 150 glaciers now there Is only 40 or maybe even less than that. With all the glaciers, and ice bergs that are being melt down lead to another Issue, which Is the rise of sea level. Sea levels are also Increasing rapidly putting In danger all the coastal cities. They are more common to have floods more often, with all that happening the people that live In that area will be forced to leave their homes.

Global Warming is real and many of us do not see that. We can’t stop Global Warming, but I believe there Is ways we can slow It down. Such as becoming sec;–friendly, Installing solar panels, and recycling these are ways that can help global warming. We wouldn’t want to see our planet disappear before our eyes right? Because, If we are the ones that live on this planet shouldn’t we take care of It or who will? Maybe In 20 or 30 years from now we won’t have any more glaciers or polar bears since Global Warming killed It all. Global Warming Is slow terminal process affecting out planet.

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