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Is Global Warming a Myth? “Global warming is a fact, and human activity is the cause”, were the words of Bill Clinton on his views concerning global warming. A biased statement that lacks scientific proof, but is partially true. Yes, global warming is a fact, but it is not only a cause of human activity; it is also occurring due to nature. I believe that Global warming is not a myth. People have many misconceptions in their minds regarding global warming. So what does global warming really mean?

It is the average increase in the earth’s temperature over a certain time. It is also a change in the climate around the world. It is the change in the rainfall patterns and the rise in sea level. Global warming is not only happening due to human activity but has a bigger share from natural factors. All the greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere have natural sources. These include volcanoes, plant respiration and the oceans. On the other hand, humans contribute to global warming by burning fossil fuels and cutting down trees.

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One of the main causes of global warming is the increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which has an atmospheric life of 200 to 500 years. Scientists have figured out that 51% of the carbon dioxide emissions are from plants and trees. Oceans contribute 45% and burning fossil fuels has a 3% share in the carbon dioxide emission. So why global warming is not a myth and what is is the evidence that it is taking place? After thorough study and complex research, scientists have come up with facts that prove that global warming is taking place.

In the last three decades there has been an increase in the average temperature of the world and over the century an increase of 0. 50C has been noticed. Between 1961 and 1997, the world lost 890 cubic miles of ice. The glaciers turning into oceans twice as fast compared to the last decade. Moreover, over the past century there has been a 1% increase in the average rainfall, in addition to, there has also been a rise of 15 to 20 centimetres in the sea levels.

These are some of the facts that prove global warming is taking place. Global warming is an average increase in the temperature. It is caused by both human activity and natural sources. Scientists have evidence that global warming is taking place, due to which global warming is not a myth. Word Count: 409 References: http://epa. gov/climatechange/kids http://www. environmentaldefense. org/ http://www. look-to-the-skies. com/global_warming. htm IB CHEMISTRY By John Green & Sadru Damji

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