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Global Warming Global warming is the warming of the earth’s atmosphere. For many years humans have been blamed for causing global warming. Global warming, however, can be caused by natural effects. One reason is that the earth is constantly going through periods Of warming and cooling. Second the two most abundant greenhouse gases water vapor, and carbon dioxide both occur naturally. Third the earth is not the only planet that has had a change in temperature over the past few years, other planets have also had changing temperatures.

I belief that global warming is caused by natural things and not humans. The first reason why I belief humans are not the cause of global warming is that the earth is constantly going through periods of warming and cooling. The earth has a yearly cycle it goes through. People that think that global warming is manmade say that we are in the hottest period in history . This is not the hottest period in history the Medieval Warm period, which occurred from around A. D. 900 to 1300, was a period of substantial climate warmth .

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After the Medieval Warm period there was a period of climate cooling known as the Little Ice Age. The Little Ice Age occurred around AD. 1300 to 1850. Today the earth is in the warming period. The second reason is that the two most abundant greenhouse gases both occur in the environment naturally. One of the most abundant green house gases water vapor accounts for between 1% to 4% of the earth atmosphere (www. humanscauseglobalwarming. Com).

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