Global Warming is a Natural Cause Assignment

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The Earth has its own greenhouse gas mission cycle, releasing billions of tons of methane gas and carbon dioxide a year. MIT students researched and recorded that the methane levels in the atmosphere have increased more than in the past ten years. Casey Kane wrote an article about the MIT scientists’ study and said ” Since all worldwide levels rose simultaneously throughout the same year, however, it is probable that this may be part of a natural cycle – and not the direct result of man ‘s contributions. ” (Kane, 2009). With the increase of methane levels, MIT scientists have also concluded that methane accounts for only B of the

Earth’s atmosphere, but its effect on the Earth is twenty five times greater than the effect of carbon dioxide on the Earth. So if methane gas levels have risen naturally, then the effect that the gases would have on Earth would be greater than any release of carbon dioxide by humans. For millions of years, Earth has had its own heating and cooling system. Scientists have concurred that approximately every 1 600 years, the Earth will either heat up or cool down. The ice age occurred approximately 20,000 years ago; thousands and thousands of year prior to human existence.

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Even when humans started to develop and become the top predator in the world, they were still not emitting greenhouse gases like humans do today. As the ice age started to end, glaciers and ice caps shifted towards the poles and began to melt. Without humans being in existence, the ice age and the post- ice age period was not caused by humans. Prior to the industrial period, the Earth was heating and cooling itself due to changes in orbit and changes in volcanic eruption. If humans were not emitting greenhouses gases, then the heating and cooling of the Earth had to be natural.

Other planets in our solar yester are also heating. A study conducted in 2007 by scientists in Great Britain says that the dirt on Mars is being reflected by the Sun, and heating the planet. Agene France-Press, an article writer for a Paris science website called “Cosmos”, says “In the same way, if a snow-covered area on Earth warms and the snow melts, the reflected light decreases and more solar radiation is absorbed, causing local temperatures to increase. If new snow falls, a cooling cycle starts. ” (France-Press, 2007). Earth could possibly be heating and cooling itself again, because Of the UP rays the Sun emits towards

Earth. Earth is also shifting in orbit. Danny Davis, an author for Global Warming, says “The combination of all three cycles (referring to changes in the tilt of the Earth’s axis (obliquity), changes in the shape of Earth’s orbit (eccentricity) and the SSH fitting of the equinoxes [precession]) at this point in time means that the Earth ‘s orbit is closer to the Sun than at other times in the past. As a result the Earth is receiving as much as 30 percent more sunlight than it has in the past several hundred years. More sunlight means more heat, which means more warming. ” (Davis, 2008).

Humans can not intro the changes in the Earth’s tilt, the changes in the Earth’s orbit, nor can they ignore the shift of the equinoxes. If these three cycles together are moving Earth closer to the Sun, then global warming has to a natural cause- not caused by humans releasing methane gases and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Because of the emission of greenhouse gases naturally into the atmosphere due to vegetation and volcanic eruptions, Earth’s natural 1600- year heating and cooling system, and other planets also heating without human life, I can conclude that global warming is caused naturally and not by unmans.

Since the Sun is heating up other planets that do not have human life, then the Sun is heating up Earth without the help of humans. Also, humans are not responsible for volcanic eruptions and the natural cycle of photosynthesis with vegetation. If anything humans are taking away plant life when they cut down forests-taking away from carbon dioxide emission by vegetation life. Since the ice age and post-ice age era, Earth has been heating and cooling itself. The natural heating and cooling cycle is caused by Earth’s orbit around the Sun and the gravitational pull.

Scientists have also tested the center of large glaciers, tree rings, and ocean sediments that date back thousands and thousands of years ago. According to the scientists’ samples, the Earth’s temperatures were changing long before the creation of all the factories in the world and before the driving of SSW. Humans emitting small amounts Of carbon dioxide does not come close to measuring up against the Earth’s natural release of methane gas every year. Global warming is one hundred percent a natural cause, and has nothing to do with humans. As stated before, “We didn’t start the fire”.

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