Abortion Satireassignment Assignment

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Say, a women becomes pregnant and truthfully cannot afford a child, that situation does not matter. If living on the streets is necessary, then she should take the initiative and do so. If drugs are merely inches from your baby, simply turn your head. Carry your child away from the scene, until it is clear. If your child will grow up around drugs, it is better to let them see this lifestyle early. In regards of “bad” lifestyles, many people ask, “What if a women is raped? ” In that case, abortion is still not Justified.

The father can chose if he wants to be in or out of the child’s’ life. Although he may rape again, he should still have the legal power to fight for custody. Every child needs a mother and a father to grow up well rounded. In the instance of a rape, if the parents do not want their child knowing the reason for their existence, they can choose to keep in a secret. Rape leads into my next argument, abuse. When a mother conceives a baby she is not ready for, or simply does not want, abuse is sometimes a “way out” for her.

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A parent may physically, mentally and emotionally abuse their child. A child never serves to be beaten but being abused is better than never existing at all. A young being has the chance to grow in and out of their abusive life in later years. Every abused child should suck it up and suffer the pain until reaching years of freedom. Furthermore, abortion should also be prohibited even if the birth of the child could potentially hurt or kill the mother. The mother has likely lived enough years of her life to give it up.

A baby deserves to experience and witness life’s beauties. If the mother tragically loses her life during childbirth, it is well worth it. Women should not be able to make decisions about how to live their lives. Clearly, by the looks of the statistics, with approximately 42 million abortions a year, women are foolish. Women should not have the option of deciding when or whether to have children. They do this by making choices regarding when to have sexual intercourse and what contraceptive methods to use. The government should have all the power to make these decisions.

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