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Annie Lee POLLS 1150 10 Global brief paper – redo 03/18/2013 Many people deny the fact that global warming is real; that a lot of it is caused by man. Man made global warming has become worse and worse throughout the years, and more research has proven that. It isn’t exactly 100% man-made global warming, but with a mix of manmade and natural global warming. Although it might seem like it is not such a big problem, manmade global warming has played more than 90% of the global warming’s problems currently.

It has a lot of conditions, problems, and the solutions are possible, but taking action will be the harder part as a world. Anthony Macho explains that “Ninety-seven percent of climate scientists think man-made global warming is real. But despite an overwhelming consensus among the experts, many Americans still doubt that human activity is raising global temperatures” (Macho) which confirms the fact that many deny this. Yet facts pile on facts explaining and supporting that global warming is real.

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The question really is if one believes it is all manmade, natural, or a mix of both. Many believe that it is manmade because of the Cuff’s released along with the carbon monoxide released in he air with more added reasons that stock on top of that. NASA states that “The influential U. N. Climate panel said the probability human activity was the main cause of climate change was at least 90% in the last report in 2007” (NASA). That is research proves that it’s mostly humans causing all of this temperature changes and there is no reason not to believe that this is real.

Is it really our fault or the government sucking at regulating the things being released in the air such as the CO from the millions of cars and trucks? A lot would say no, it’s the consumers’ hooch on what they want to buy and what difference they want to make in this world. But in reality, it is hard to buy the other option. Electric cars are way too expensive for a lot of people and let’s face it; a lot of them aren’t that eye appealing as the normal ones. Let’s admit it; everyone would buy electric cars if they were cheaper because it saves money.

But it seems like the governments and their countries are not taking global warming serious enough yet. They say they have done things to try and make the earth greener, but making expensive electric cars that many can’t afford, and restrictions not strict enough on many of the big companies contributing to this problem isn’t going to fix a lot. If they were to make electric cars cheaper, the problem of releasing too much CO wouldn’t be a problem anymore. One step the United Nations has tried to step in and fix some things, but it was a disappointment rather than an accomplishment. Two years ago, the U. N. Conference agreed to limit any rise in temperatures to less than 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial times. But greenhouse gas level hit a new record in 2011, despite the world economic lowdown… “(NASA). Is this process of making global warming inevitable to fix? No country has really taken a big leap and investing money into world problem as much as other things such as military. Maybe OIC isn’t anything you can feel, but it will make a big difference.

NASA explains that “Based on a range of plausible emission scenarios, average surface temperatures could rise between ICC and ICC by the end of the 21st century,” (NASA) which is not good news. One degree can make a big difference in our lives; that one degree caused an ice age years and years ago. Imagine what it will cause Antarctica to look like after the heat keeps rising. Also the “increase in average surface temperature and decrease in snow cover/ice extent is taking place” states the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

By 2040, many things will look differently than today. The earth is getting warmer and warmer every second by a tiny bit. The “temperature and increasing in atmospheric humidity, salinity changes, reduction in Arctic sea ice, and changing in rainfall patterns all are happening now. Much worst, “A stronger greenhouse effect will arm the coerces and partially melt glaciers and other ice, increasing sea level. Ocean water also will expand if it warms, contributing further to sea level rise” (NASA). Maybe many do not believe or care if this is happening and that is fine.

But you should think about your family, kids, anyone close to you that is younger. You are the ones, who will put all of these problems to the next generation, and who knows; you might survive this whole thing and be the one who is still suffering all over again. As Adrian Grahams states, “The predicted effects on global warming include the melting of polar ice caps, a significant rise in sea levels, more extreme weather events, a reduction in agriculture land, water shortage, food shortage, loss of rain forests, and more species becoming extinct. We as the world hold a Job to protect the earth we are on now, but things could possibly fall apart before we know it. “… Many funded by the US government have seen what they describe as a ‘stunning correlation between a rise in ocean temperature over the past 40 years and pollution of the atmosphere”, is said by Steve Connors. Reading this, you can put the guzzle pieces together. Us as humans are creating this problem; doesn’t mean entirely, but we are part of the reason why global warming is happening. What steps should countries take to solve this problem? Well Grahams believes that: … Actions must take immediate and urgent action to dramatically reduce carbon emissions. Technological solutions have been proposed, ranging from “carbon scrubbers” that remove carbon from the atmosphere and reduce greenhouse gases to placing giant mirrors in space to reflect enough sunlight to cool down the planet” (Grahams) which I agree with. But thinking about it, most countries will not take this step until they really need to and things will be really bad already and no change can take place. Whether we decide to take action or not, global warming is happening slowly.

Either man-made or naturally, it will have its effects on all of us later on. It is better to do something about it now, and then have it be too late and inevitable later on for future generations. There are facts stating that this is happening to the world today, studies and facts have shown that. The question is, when will we take a larger action o fix this problem or is it never going to be fixed? Essential Sheet * Even if greenhouse gas concentrations stabilized today, the planet would continue to warm by about 0. ICC over the next century because of greenhouses gases already in the atmosphere.

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