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This is global warming is affecting the nature’s balance and has a huge impact on life like continued heat waves, and sudden occurrence of storms and floods. Scientific evidence indicates that since 1 950, the world’s climate has been warming, primarily as a result of emissions from non -stop burning of fossil fuels and the razing of tropical forests. Is once the industrial revolution till this day, there is a constant emission of the carbon into the atmosphere, everything we do we leave carbon footprints.

It is a man made cause of the global warming. The global emissions jumped 3 percent in 201 1 and are expected to jump another 2. 6 percent in 201 2, researchers reported. The causes are many of which the main culprit is the increase in the greenhouse gases that is produced by burning fossil fuel and deforestation, thus intensifying the greenhouse effect leading to global warming. The four main contributors of the greenhouse effect are, water vapor, carbon dioxide, ethane and ozone.

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Ice caps and glaciers reflect sunlight, bouncing high temperature sun -rays back into space away from the Earth. When these icecaps are removed the earth gets warmer as the dark oceans absorb much thermal radiation from the sun. CONCLUSION it is very clear that the ongoing global warming and its effects are mainly the results of human activities. As such, it is our duty to prevent further rise of temperature. The earlier the measures we take, the better it is for the mankind.

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