Global Warming Assignment

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The biggest threat to life on earth comes from global warming. Rich industrialized countries in the West have been burning fossil fuel such as coal, oil and gas for about 150 years, pumping out vast quantities of carbon dioxide. This gas traps the heat from the sun and causes the Earth and the atmosphere to get warmer. This is called the greenhouse effect. So why global warming is a problem? Well, high level of these greenhouse gases in the atmosphere causes climate changes, which also lead to ocean and sea levels to go up, because of melting of polar ice caps.

Also the weather is coming more unpredictable, for entrance, the winter now is delaying, there is no snow outside and apteral sometimes it even seems that the nature itself is confused by these changes of climate. Personally, I haven’t suffered of the global warming, although IM not certain about that, but I have seen many devastation scenes on the television. Furthermore, this problem has been already made worse by deforestation. Also nowadays, most of surplus food goes, along with all other rubbish to the local landlines, where it decompresses in methane – a greenhouse gas 20 times more destructive then carbon oxide.

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We must remember there is also some filth on our hands and everyone of us in some way is guilty causing these climate changes. There is no doubt in my mind that we also could decrease our carbon footprint, for instance, by becoming a freeman or vegetarian, planting trees, recycling plastic and paper waste, use energy gained from solar panels or by using bicycle instead of car, for short haul drives. Nobody could deny that all world is facing a problem we must persist – global warming. To preserve the planet we must Start living greener”.

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