Graphic Design Assignment

Graphic Design Assignment Words: 266

Design has always been a passion of mine- whether it be evident through the shapely arrangement of Polaroid photos on my wall, decorative titles, typography and visually appealing layouts of my lecture notes and assignments, or the inklings that I get to put a pen to paper and let my hands run free. I believe that design, as a means of visual communication has the power to reveal the unheard, unseen and uncovered.

Design as an art form can be used to manipulate he consumer to gain a particular perception of a subject, while It can also provide an audience with the opportunity to construct an Individual outlook or Interpretation of the subject’s meaning. I wish to partake In the Diploma of Graphic Design In order to expand on the skills and passion that I have In this area. I have the desire to learn, to expand on my ablest and to gain the necessary skills to produce graphic Images to a professional standard.

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I have always held an eye for detail and a passion for the creative industries and am eager to take part in arising creative endeavourers. My goal is to gain greater skills in the area of Graphic Design; to ignite the creative spark in the greater community, as designers in magazines and other medias have provided me with throughout my life. Visualization is a powerful means of communication, thus I am hoping to pursue a career in Graphic Design so that my inner creative spirit and passion can evolve from hobby into profession.

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