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Use appropriate tools strategically. HAS. MM. 8 Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning. AR. CM. II Select and combine essential elements and organizational principles to achieve a desired effect when creating, presenting and/or performing works of art for a variety of purposes. AR. CM. CAP. 02 Explain the choices made in the creative process when combining Ideas, techniques, and problem solving to produce one’s work, and identify the impact that different choices might have made. Goal of the Lesson: Students will understand and demonstrate how to design a page layout using

Undersign. 1. Create, save and print a one page document. Formatting, margins, indents, tabs, gutters, guides, trims, folds and proper leading. 3. Demonstrate proper text alignment, use appropriate tools for element positioning and demonstrate knowledge of the rule of thirds in their page design. 4. Create column guides using the Layout tool according to Job specifications. 5. Set-up and select the appropriate pagination for the given Job according to the design brief. 6. Proofread, edit and make corrections/ad]students to copy on screen. Behavioral Objectives: The Behavior Verb: Demonstrate

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The Condition: Using Intending the student will demonstrate the ability to create a one page document according to the provided page specifications in the provided design brief. The Criteria: The completed document meets the specifications as outlined in the design brief Performance Indicator: Design Brief. Example: Design Brief with completed pagination. Domain 3: Instruction Component AAA: Communication with Students Expectations for Learning Directions and Procedures Explanations of Contents Component: Designing for Coherent Instruction Lesson and unit structure

Component e: Organizing Physical Space Safety and Accessibility Arrangement of furniture and use of Physical Resources Integration: Integration of other subject areas: Compile a summary of integration from other subject areas and a brief explanation of the intended integration. Integration of Reading Comprehension: Student will read and interpret production information on design brief. Integration of Basic Math: whole number problems decimal problems, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division; decimal to percent problems, type calculation problems, solve conversion problems between inches, mints and picas.

Differentiation Strategies: Indicate any accommodations for diversity or students with special needs. 504 Plans: Review the accommodations, services or supports necessary to address the impairment/disability as described on any Students Accommodation Plan. Provide supplemental, differential or alternative design briefs that will maximize the students potential and best support their needs as described under their individual 504 plan. English Language Learners (ELL) Utilize visual literacy by creating visual representations of each aspect of the design brief parameters. 2.

Utilize[ins] Graphic Organizers as a means of introducing and assessing concepts in a manner that encourages meaningful learning. ” [wry. Sun. Due/science/ref/ language/teaching-ell. HTML] 3. Partner English learners with strong English speakers. 4. Vocabulary: Provide additional instruction to help students learn to correlate concepts directly with new vocabulary. Differentiation Strategies (continued): Individualized Education Plans (Pipes) Communication Needs of the Student Behavioral Needs of the Student English language Needs of the Student Determine levels of academic achievement and functional performance Determine

Method of Assessment [standard, extended or modified] (with or without accommodations) Implications for Assessment pertaining towards graduation requirements Implications for accountability: measurable annual goals both Short-term objectives including non-participation Justification Office of Student Learning & Partnerships. Unary 20, 2011). Oregon standard individualized education program (PIPE) Form 581-Bibb-P. Oregon Standard PIPE for students age 16 or older when PIPE is in effect. Retrieved February 18, 2013 from www. Ode. State. Or. Us/search/page=1163 Special Education (SPED): Refer to 504 Plans

Talented and Gifted (TAG): Provide sequential lessons to compliment current lesson with additional assignment parameters that compound lesson difficulty. Safety Considerations: Follow posted rules for behavior in computer lab. Resources, Equipment and Materials: Paper, pencils, rulers, e-scales, handouts (design brief), computers with page layout software Prerequisites: Students must have completed MAC 01 : Introduction to SO 10. 6+ operating system environment. Students must know how to read a ruler. Students must have a working knowledge of math and measurement in order to reduce the design.

Implementation: Lesson 1: Page Layout with integration of Math & Measurement (50 min. ) Motivator: Concepts: Have prospective Prom King and Queen introduce lesson. Objective: By learning the basics and ‘acing this lesson one, a student will earn the right to produce a flyer about the prom that will be reproduced in the school newspaper. Bring in an Advertising Manager from a local newspaper to introduce the concepts covered in the Design Brief Objective: By illustrating the value of learning measurement he will introduce a ‘real world aspect’ to the lesson. . Operator of 31 Theme Parks nation-wide) to discuss why the basics matter.

Objective: The best, and most accurate, assignment wins a day-in-the-life of a real working graphic design department. Procedure: Detailed content outline for teacher presentations, teaching strategies used, discussion questions, activities for student involvement, etc. This should be complete enough that someone could come in and teach from it. Teacher Presentation: Identify the standards. Standards should be posted in the classroom. HAS. MM. I Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. Use appropriate tools strategically. Hen combining ideas, techniques, and problem solving to produce one’s work, and identify the impact that different choices might have made. 2. Pick and Present one concept (see Motivator) to introduce Design Brief. Clearly identify assignment parameters, identifiers and outcomes expected. ; Create, save and print a one page document. Design and produce a one page document with desired fonts (collected), formatting, margins, indents, tabs, gutters, guides, trims, folds and proper leading.

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