Should space exploration continues Assignment

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Space Exploration is Necessary With the deepening of developments of the society, the quality of humans life has been improved and the demand of people has gradually increased. Space exploration became a momentous part of our investigation. Space exploration is an enormous project that causes substantial amount of funds. However, it befits us from variety ways such as predict for future, a travel place for people to learn and we can found new recourses to fulfill needs of our temporary life.

The prediction can be as minor as climate changes or as vast as nature disasters. The prediction of weather can help us dressed comfortably that we can avoid suffering from coldness or hotness. Prediction can save our life. The most remarkable prediction happened on February 4 1975, when an earthquake of magnitude 7. 3 happened in Weighing, a northeast city of China, which killed more than 2,000 people, Injured almost 28,000 people and damaged 90 percent of the buildings.

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However, SIX hours before It happened, some expert had warned and broadcasted It, which made most of the inhabitants stayed outdoors. If this prediction were not made, 150,000 of people would crush under rocks. Space exploration can be used in developing as a tourist attraction. All the funds that used into the space exploration are come from taxes. We always complain about the taxes that we have paid because we do not receive any statement that shows us where our money used In. Inverse can be a tourist attraction and a good monastery to show where the money has spent. Space Exploration will be support after people sees the benefit it brings us. We do not need to restrict ourselves in those video or pictures and we can be more knowledgeable that we can understand what the government is investing. Space exploration can help us explore new substances to Improve our life quality. Although the majority of people have the basic needs, the minority Is still suffering from daily needs.

According to Canadian Space Agency, the seed that brought back room the space are stimulated they can grow as twice big as the regular seed. This can improve the amount of food that needed, which can help us avoid using transgresses food. There are also many new substances that we have not invested such as the artificial heart that can help with our health. Space exploration is crucial for both our life and future. We should support it and study it because it is the protection of our future, the improvement of our life and a new place for visit.

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