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What place is on the cover of our book and why did the authors choose it? [Read Chapter 1 to find out] Crescent Moon Lake oasis, a place of apparent isolation in the heart of the Gobi Desert in China. Its to get the reader to ask the obvious and no- so-obvious skeletons about why places like the oasis are where they are and what they mean to us both heterocyclic and today. What are the 4 traditions of Geography?

Spatial Tradition, Area Studies Tradition, The Man-Land Tradition, The Earth Science Tradition What are analytical tools and concepts do geographers use? Cartography and counter mapping. Uncover patterns, unique characteristics, and global Interdependencies between places *Review the main points of the Linton article. TERMS: Cartography- “The navigational and cartographic skills of the geographer during the heroic’ age of exploration paved the way for European military and commercial colonization of the Americas, Asia, and Africa.

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The principle geographic tool’ was, of course, the map scales of analysis-uncover patterns, unique characteristics, and global interdependencies between places sense of place- feelings, memories, meaning that define a place globalization- increasing interconnectedness of different parts of the world through common processes of economic , environmental, political, and cultural change. Diffusion- The spread of ideas, disease, technology, etc. Among places. Assimilation- process by which people of different cultural backgrounds who occupy a common territory achieve sufficient cultural solidarity to sustain a national existence. Modify chains- networks of labor and production processes that originate In the extraction or production of raw materials. The end result is the delivery and consumption of a finished commodity. Define the 3 atmospheric lifting mechanisms. List at least one example of each one, describing a location where you find this lifting mechanism at work. For example, what atmospheric lifting mechanism Is responsible for the ITCH? 1 ) Convergent Lifting-Air flows toward an area of low pressure. Warm air converges and is lifted, cools & condenses, producing clouds and heavy precipitation. (ITCH) ( 2) Aerographical Lifting-Air rises upslope.

Alarm cools, condenses, forms clouds and leases precipitation. (3)Convectional Lifting-Maritime alarm mass heated by passing over land What are the major ways that human life changed as humans transitioned from Hunting & Gathering to Agriculture livelihoods? Modern agriculture uses 39% of the Earth’s land surface. 64% of all human water use is for agriculture. M. Ore technology *Review main ideas and case studies from the week’s readings. DEFINE: Cryptogram- map projection that is transformed in order to promote legibility or to reveal patterns not readily apparent on a traditional base map.

Chortle- . A symbol or marked and bounded area on a map denoting the distribution of some property Ecological capital- money of the place 1 OFF Latitude- angular distance of a point on earths surface, measured north or south from the equator, which is O degrees. Longitude- angular distance of a point on earths surface, measured east or west from the prime meridian. *PLACES TO REMEMBER: deserts, rainforest’s, mountain ranges, pressure bands Define hegemony and describe it’s three forms. Provide examples from lecture and films watched during class. Cultural Power-ex. 2: Coercive Power-ex. 3:Economic Power- ex. What supranational organizations and historical events are instrumental for understanding western hegemony? MIFF AND WORLD BANK *Review the main points of the Marks article. DEFINE: hegemony-domination over the world economy, exercised through a combination of economic, military, financial, and cultural means, by one national state in a particular historical epoch. Resurrections- is the practice of viewing the world from a European-centered or Western-centered perspective. Alongside- establishment ND maintenance of political and legal domination by state over a separate and alien society. Imperialism- extension of the power off nation through direct or indirect control of the economic and political life of other territories. Neocolonialism- economic and political strategies by which powerful states in core economies indirectly maintain or extend their influence over Otter areas or people. Fair Trade- is an organized social movement that aims to help producers in developing countries to make better trading conditions and promote sustainability.

It advocates the payment of a higher price to exporters as well as higher social and environmental standards. E-China, Russia, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil and South Korea GO-France, West Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, and United States and was Joined by Canada BRICKS-Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa What is the Peace of Westphalia and why is it important? Leaders of European empires and kingdoms met in Germany to draw boundaries that would secure peace and create political units called sovereign states.

It made sovereign states. When was the United Nations formed and why? Which countries have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council? Where is Rupee’s “Golden Triangle” and what is it’s significance? London, England, Paris, France, Berlin, Germany Which countries were instrumental in creating the Rezone and why? *Review your answers to the homework questions on the Rezone. Global Civil Society- International Regime- orientation of contemporary politics around the international arena rather than the national one.

Irredentism- assertion the government of a entry that minority living outside its borders belongs to it historically and culturally. Regionalism- strong feelings of collect shared by religious or ethnic groups that are concentrated within a particular region. Sectionalism- extreme devotion to local interests customs. Sovereignty- exercise of state power over people and territory, recognized by other individual states with a common economic and or political goal that diminishes, to some extent, individual state sovereignty in favor of the collective interest of the membership.

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