Geography S Assignment

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Capacity Brandon Padmore St. Benedict’s College Registration no. Table of Contents page Site location Purpose of Investigation Methodology Presentation of Data Analysis Discussion Conclusion Limitations and Recommendations Bibliography Site Location The study was done in Cedros as shown in the map below. Cedros was chosen because it has a wide variety ofvegetation and reliefs in a relatively undisturbed environment. The area had also undergone some changes due to man. (Map 1. 0) (Map 2. 0) purpose of Investigation

To determine how relief, vegetation and soil saturation affects the rate at which soil is able to able to absorb water. Also findings can be used in determining how an area’s characteristics can affect flooding and farming as well. Aims To compare the infiltration rates of areas with different types of relief, vegetation and soil saturation. To determine the factors that affect infiltration rates. To determine the contribution of various characteristics contribute to, or help resist flooding. Apparatus/Materials: 4 inch PVC drainage pipe 30cm ruler

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Hammer Bucket of water Stopwatch 1 . The PVC Drainage Pipe was hammered into the ground and filled with water. 2. The stopwatch was started and every two minutes the height of the water was recorded and the water was refilled to the starting mark (this was done until the readings were constant). 3. After a constant reading was obtained the intervals were changed to three minutes and finally to five minutes. 4. This procedure was repeated for each area tested. 5. Using the data sheet, we calculated and filled in the table for the rate of infiltration.

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