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The Kiss Baking Company is the leading Trinitarian firms that makes and markets packaged bakery goods. The company was founded in 1976. It is located Chicagoans. The company makes cakes for special orders. Products are also exported to other Caribbean islands. Kiss has over a hundred vehicles disturbing breads and cakes around Trinidad and Tobago. Member type: Ordinary City: Chicagoans Country: Trinidad Phone number: 1 868671 5675 Fax number: 1 868 672 3840 Email Address: [email protected] Com Website: http//www. Speaking. Com Products/ Services: . Bread . Kiss Milk . Hotdogs buns . Cakes .

Single Donuts Wrap a Taps Brands: Kiss In doing this School Based Assessment on Kiss Baking Company I hope to achieve a better understanding of the business that was chosen to study so I would become more aware on how to run the day to day operations of the business would be done so my business would become a success in a short amount of time. Secondly in doing this School Based Assessment I would hope to get a better understanding in my view of the P. O. B subject so I can also better myself as a student in the future and also so I could take my studies in this subject a lot further.

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To give you an opportunity to apply he knowledge gained in the study of P. O. B. The objective will be fulfilled through the examination of a designated business firm. The data collection will be fulfilled through the examination of a designated business. The data collection instrument will be the questionnaire and interview. The business that I would like to be opening very soon the name of this business would be Krishna Canary Cakes. This would be a local limited business. The business would be located on #115 El Score Road San Juan.

This business would provide pastries, breads and cakes to the people of San Juan at ere low and affordable price. My future plans for this business would be for it to reach the status of being one of the biggest bakery in the country. The business would be funded by loans, personal saving and investments. As the business grows and grows various changes would be made. Marketing Manager : The marketing manager is responsible for the marketing and also the profit and loss of his department.

Advertising Manager : The advertising manager oversees the advertising process if my business Krishna Canary Cakes. This process would begin from all the market search and actually to the sales advertising. The company is all about producing a cheap, quality, notorious and tasty product. Sales Manager: Sales manager he / she would be responsible for all the sales to take place. They are responsible for the combined performance of everyone.. Supervising, motivating and monitoring performance . Allocating areas . Setting budget targets .

Keeping abreast of what competitors are doing. Market Research Customers differ on a lot of personal things I. E. Some people might have different likes, taste, and also higher expectations. Market research is very importantly used to reveal customer’s needs. A manager should therefore need to ensure that their product satisfies these tastes. This is done by either: . Targeting the whole population. . Marketing We have targeted the whole population. At the company’s recent launch of the product we use demography to identify the customers.

Things such as age, income, occupation and education can be used to divide the population. Some age groups that were used were: . 3 to 14 years . 155035 years . 36 and older PRICE Price is a very important aspect of marketing mix that should be considered. The price of a product is dependent on the following: . The price objective the firm sets for itself. . Demand for product. . Cost incurred in production, marketing and distribution. In the business pricing wouldn’t be so competitive as our prices would be left very low and affordable for customers to buy but still assuring we make a profit.

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