Exploring Current Marketing Activities Assignment

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Current Marketing Activities Milliner’s new product, the New Dry Spray Antiperspirant Marketing is about creating value for products and services in order to capture value back from the consumers. But many times It Is not only about knowing how to create value for current consumers, but also making an effort to acquire new ones. Dealing with a diversified market means that companies need to look carefully to tendencies of potential new costumers and adapt their marketing strategies to increase revenue, often by launching new products.

In a recent ad by Milliner’s Dove Spray deodorant, the company tries to convince potential new costumers of the efficiency of it’s new product, the Instant Dry Spray, which Is supposed to please those who are not consumers of spray deodorant. Judging by the content of the ad, the company Is clearly trying to capture consumers who are displeased with the left over moisture of the average spray deodorant, by presenting a product that dries in your armpit almost instantly, as the campaign claims.

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They even go as far as depict a supposed consumer who claims she “never used one of these before”l and leave her with a big satisfied smile by the end. Lower price for a Volkswagen Jetty Even companies whose products have taken years to establish a solid position among it’s clients are now facing the need to change their stance as they realize that the market is rapidly changing. In many instances, a very efficient way to keep a product alive in the market is to appeal to a different audience by changing it’s price.

Increasing or decreasing it means changing the perceived value and expectation of what is being offered. The former mid-to-hell-end Volkswagen Jetty advertises It’s 2015 model as “highly affordable” – the TV ad claims It starts at $16. 35, but the Volkswagen website sets the starting price at $14. 990 – as it tries to appeal to younger costumers, eager to decide for a career, look rich and buy a luxury car. As the ad shows, you can afford a Jetty even before having to go through all that, completely changing it’s focus audience from middle-aged males to a much younger crowd.

An efficient form of establishing a strong relationship with consumers is by promoting a brand through advertising. Some companies tread through dangerous paths in order to establish a message in a campaign as it can be noticed in the new McDonald’s “Signs” ad, which has caused much controversy after it showed a montage of pictures of signs outside McDonald’s restaurants including wishes of happy birthday and messages of support referencing national tragedies.

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