Effective Human Resources Leadership for Nursing Home Assignment

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Residents, or patients, in those facilities will receive services from a variety of providers like physical and occupational therapists, medication management for mental and physical ailments and perhaps social service support services as they move toward the nursing home In Lieu of assistance from family members when they have none to call for assistance. Because the environment Is clinical and service oriented over longer periods of time, It Is important to examine what kind(s) of management style is successful in order to among the staff and residents.

One report on the study of leadership styles suited for nursing homes and assisted living facilities reported that a consensus leadership style had a strong association with quality of care. (Castle). Models indicate that consensus leadership Tyler is also the best approach in limiting staff turnover, which is essential in how the residents rate their satisfaction of service. (Donahue). Consensus management style is not a majority vote. After management has reached a decision, consensus approach seeks to determine if all the team members find it acceptable and if they are in support of the decision.

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In this management style we would ask what could be changed in order to obtain staff support. All members of the group should feel that their ideas and views were heard and that they heard the others in the group as well. The idea is that the team will support the management because decisions were arrived at fairly. (Monoclinic). To meet all the demands of infection control, government regulations, service to the residents, clinicians, families and inherent risks associated with the geriatric population, management must not only be task oriented, but people-centered.

Management must develop clear and effective strategic plans, but with a humanistic approach of consensus so that all the team members that serve the clientele are happy and effective. It is truly an environment where management must foster employee relations which will decrease risk, and improve patient satisfaction which should in turn also reduce marketing needs as each point of contact that the staff has with a family member is also an ambient sales opportunity.

In order to meet the patient needs in such a high demand environment where a majority of the time the patient/customer is in contact with a lower educated, less clinical staff such as a certified nurse assistant making a low wage, that staff must have a voice to understand that they make a huge impact on the organization. When they feel valuable, the organization will run much more smoothly. My first Job and customer training out of high school was working the front desk of a four star hotel.

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