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As in the incidents per patient increase, the injuries per staff member also go up. The incremental the number of injuries per staff member led to the increase of the certified absences per staff. Other, the absences per staff uncertified increase too. The company direction is to make sure keeps a good position and must continue expanding rapidly. There have reason to concern about the company’s direction based on the increasing of the figure on injuries per staff member, incident per patients and absences staff. It will incur higher cost and more staff being stress.

However the company should be emphasis bout their staff and patient. The company should take care the righteousness of their staff to avoid them from being stress which may cause the rate of absences staff increase. Furthermore, the company also should employ the skilled staff to avoid from injuries among the staff to occur. As concern of the patients, despite the increasing number of patient and the demanding patients the company should maintain their quality standard of performance service even the staff facing a workload become heavy. Question 2 The company is going to be making some significant changes based on the

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AY process, and most change efforts are associated with resistance. What are the most common forms of resistance, and which would you expect to see at Parkway? ‘Resistance to change’ can be defined as an emotional or behavioral response to real or imagined threats to an established work routine. The three factors leads to transience are recipient characteristic, change agent characteristic and change agent-recipient relationship. The three key conceive resistance have dynamic interaction between these three sources as opposed to being caused solely by irrational and stubborn recipients of change.

For instance, sapient resistance is partly based on their perceptions of change, which are very much influenced by the attitudes and behaviors exhibited by change agents and the level of trust between change agents and recipients. The most common forms of resistance are related to the recipient characteristic in their past success. The past success can breed complacency to the employees, but it also can foster stubbornness to change because they come to believe that what worked in the past will work in the future.

Regarding to case given, the conflict between the younger caregivers and older caregivers is about the method of peeping the patients document. The younger caregivers would like to have an electronically methods, because they type faster than they can write. While the older caregivers are more committed to the paper-based process, in part they think switching systems would require lots of work and they had been using the writing method for many years. These shows that the older caregivers are resist and not totally ready for the changes the method to keep the patients document.

Another obstacle for amendment that can be seen at Parkway Nursing Care is the company failed to legitimate change (change agent characteristic). This problem arises when there are staffs that do not satisfied with the Human Recourse management. They said that there a lot of new caregivers do not pick on how to take care the patients. There is a recommendation underscores the need for change agents to communicate with recipients in a way that considers employee’s point of view and perspective. This is important to explain how change will lead to positive personal and organizational benefits.

These require that employee have a clear understanding about how their jobs will change and how they will be rewarded. For example, an employee who doesn’t cooperate tit the change effort of the company, the employee will still doing the same job and do not have an incontinent in their pay. There is a situation that employee complaint about the flexibility of the job schedule. There is a representative said that most of the job stress happen because they couldn’t take absences certified when they need it. The supervisor should rearrange the job schedule of the shifting time and offer emergency leave to the employee when they needed.

The employee’s job stress will reduce when there is more flexibility in the job schedule and offer the benefit of emergency. The agent-recipient relationship is also one of the hurdles to change. In general, people who are positive and trusting with others are more easily adopt the changes in the job environment. A manager who trusts their employees will make the change process an open, honest and participative affair and employees in turn will trust management, are more willing to expend extra effort and take chance with something different.

But in the Parkway case, there are no good relationship between the management and employee. The employees to want to provide suggestions for the improvement in Parkway, but they do not clear with what method did the management people would prefer since the management always just says ‘it will consider’ when the employees give ideas. It is obviously that the management do not trust and give opportunity to the employees to make a change. The mistrust between the management level and the employee will affect the failure of a change in an organization.

Question 3 Given the board of directors’ desire to re-energize the workforce, what advice would you provide for creating a leadership strategy? What leader behaviors should nursing home directors and nurse supervisors demonstrate? There are a ewe leadership strategy that can be use to re-energize the workforce. They 1 . Participative Theory is an ideal leadership style that takes into are: consideration the input of its associates. Leaders are encourage to contribution and participation from group members and has the right to say no to any suggestion of other team member. . Situational Theories propose that leaders choose the best course of action based upon situational variables. Different styles of leadership may be more appropriate for certain types of decision- making. 3. Contingency Theory focuses on environment variables and that loud determine which style of leadership is suitable for a particular situation. It says that it is impossible to determine which leadership style will suit best for any situation. 4. Management Theories gives more importance to the role of organization, supervision and most importantly the group performance.

This theory is based on the system of punishment and reward. 5. Transformational theory focuses on the connections that are formed between followers and leaders. These leaders inspire and motivate people. Leaders are focus on performance of members of group. These leaders have high moral values. The best leadership strategy that we advice Parkway to use is Situational Theory. There are four leadership behaviors needed under the situational leadership method which is telling and directing, selling and coaching, participating and supporting and the last is delegating.

The nursing home directors and nurse supervisors should be a telling leader. A telling leader is defines the roles and tasks for each staff, and then supervises them very closely. This is particularly true for inexperienced or first-time employees who need to be closely supervised by an experienced leader. This leadership style is particularly effective for staffs that lack the competence but committed to achieving their roles. From the communication, they can identify any usual signs of work stress of employees, the factor that employees want to resign, and the suggestions for organization improvement provided by the employee.

For instance, if someone complaints about the problem in the work job, don’t ignore the complaints, but investigate the situation and try to solve the problems. To decrease the number of injuries to staff and incidents of patient, they have to establishing healthy work environments. It is challenging to create a healthy work environment for employees while supporting a healing environment for patients. They can help by identifying core issues that causing the incidents and providing safety strategies training to employees to improve the work environment.

In selling and coaching leadership behavior, a leader still defines and assigns roles and tasks but the leader is more receptive in getting ideas and suggestions from the subordinates. The nursing home directors and nurse supervisors still has the prerogative in making decisions, but in this set-up the communication process is no longer one-sided. This type of leadership style is more suited for less experienced subordinates who still need guidance and supervision by their supervisors. This leadership style also helps in developing subordinates who may have the experience yet still lacking self-esteem in the performance of their work.

The next behavior in situational leadership is participating and supporting. The nursing home directors and nurse supervisors gives much control and minimal supervision on the employees. The supervisor gives out day-to-day tasks and instructions on the processes required to achieve a certain task, but the boarding has enough control or freedom on how to accomplish the said task. This behavior is more suitable to use when dealing with experienced employees who, for one reason or another, lack self-esteem and motivation.

An example would be the new employees who need support and counsel from their senior when they are assigned to a department or situation. The next behavior in situation leadership method is delegation. The nursing home directors and nurse supervisors are still is involved in the decision making process but the delegation of tasks and processes is fully given to the employees to make decisions and monitor the progress of a task. This behavior is most suited those experience employees who have competence to set their own processes required in accomplishing certain goals.

As a conclusion, no one style is considered optimal for all leaders to use all the time. Effective leaders need to be flexible and must adapt themselves according to the situation. Question 4 What are the major sources of job stress at Parkway? What does the research on employee stress suggest you should do to help minimize the experience of psychological strain for employees? Create a plan for how to reduce stress among employees. The major sources of job stress at Parkway as an organization facing a massive change, Parkway has the remained committed to providing dignity and health to all residents in its facilities.

The board of directors wants to see renewed commitment to the firm’s mission core value not of its culture. The member’s in the organization says there a plenty to worry about. Shift leader of the Parkway nursing care always agree for those who is hired but some of the basic job skills can be taught but not care for the patients. Another member who has been with parkway so many years try to get a better job because the staffs thinks that he is cake. It is because after he finished their job, he gets so many aches in a whole body but he never take on leave from a job but the staff thinks he’s weak.

In order to help minimize the experience of psychological strain for employees, the company have to create a change and re-energize its sense of mission that is appreciative inquiry. Appreciative inquiry procedures systematically collect employee input and then to create a change message that everyone can support. Then, the company have to provide a better method for communicating information across shift. For previous, most of the documentation for shift work as done in large spiral notebooks. But some staff doesn’t have a time to check on what happened in the previous shift.

A few staff would like to have a method that lets them document patient outcomes electronically because they can type faster than write. There are several steps to reduce stress among employees. First, the best way is to produce really nice and comfortable work environment. If the employer manages the work environment a lot more comfortable, the employees will start to work a lot better. Then, the employers have to allow the employee to make a decision about how to improve their work performance. This way you will allow them to apply personal power to the way they work and also reduce employee stress.

Thirdly, if there is a lot of sound on the workplace, make sure that the employer will create a quiet room for the employees to have a break. That way, the employer will allow them to get out of the workplace for a couple of minutes, which on the other hand will reduce employee stress. Then, when the employees achieve goals, make sure that the employer thanks them. That is the best way to show that the employer really appreciate their efforts. Furthermore, when creating workstations, make sure that the employer will choose the best runtime available on the market and also the best tools.

This way the employer will probably spend a lot of money, but the employer will also reduce employee stress, which makes it worth the money. After that, make sure that employees will meet and create work relationships. In that way the employer will not only reduce employee stress, but also will improve the performance of an employee. To make that happen, an employer may consider creating for example book club or other place for social activity. Lastly but not least, create a gym in the firm because the employer will reduce employee stress easily.

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