Effective Leadership and Management in Nursing Assignment

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Leadership versus Management According to Door and Priori (2008), the Oxford English Dictionary (ODE) defines dervish as “the ability to lead; the position of a group of people leading or influencing others within a given context; the action or influence necessary for the direction or organization of effort in a group undertaking” (p. 62-63). The definition of management, also by the ODE, is “organization, supervision, or direction; the application of skill or care in the manipulation, use, treatment, or control of a thing or person, or in the conduct of something” (Door & Priori, 2008, p. 3). Both definitions are similar only in the fact that leadership and management both provide organization and direction. Leadership is not a session; it is a process involving the leader, followers, and a situation (Door & Priori, 2008). Leaders influence, inspire, motivate, and enable their followers to contribute to and achieve certain goals. They also have broad perspectives, which enable them to determine future needs as well as the changes needed to ensure and facilitate growth. Management is not a process; it is a position appointed by an organization (Door & Priori, 2008).

Managers control and supervise; they are deliberate and structured, authoritative, and persistent. They are more process oriented and are driven to handle routine, which allows them o plan, budget, evaluate, and facilitate more efficiently. An Effective Leader There are several characteristic necessary to be an effective leader. If all of the characteristic are in place a leader will be effective and create a work environment that has productive and satisfied staff members that are eager to contribute to the organizations success.

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An effective leader must have communication skills, fairness, flexibility, compassion, loyalty, and job knowledge. Communication skills promote and maintain two-way communication that encourages discussion, feedback, and teamwork between leaders and staff members. Fairness is important when dealing with conflict, the leader must have the ability to be neutral, objective, and treat everyone equally. Flexibility is needed for a leader to adapt and fit the demands presented to them. Compassion displays respect and consideration for others, leaders need to be caring and have empathy.

Leaders need to be loyal to their followers, back them up and defend them when necessary. A leader must have knowledge of all aspects of their job, as well as an understanding of everyone’s responsibility and job description in order to effectively lead and delegate (Falter, Mitchell, Norris, & Wolfe, 2008). Views on Leadership Leadership is a huge responsibility that requires all of the characteristics mentioned. But an effective leader also needs to be a good role model, dependable, confident, and motivating all with a positive attitude.

A good role model presents good moral character, has good values and ethics, and is trustworthy and professional. Nurses want to know their leader is dependable and they can count on them to be there, be reliable, and be consistent. A confident leader is open to others ideas and input, creating a confident staff. If a leader cannot motivate their staff to perform their duties as assigned they will ultimately lose their role as an effective leader. Without motivated staff the rest of the characteristics fall by the wayside.

Conclusion Ultimately leaders and managers function in different roles despite the fact that both titles are used interchangeably. Some leaders do not excel as a manager and some managers do not have the best leadership skills. Leadership requires the ability to cope with change and is powered by influence, while management requires the ability to cope with complexity and is powered by position. Occasionally conflicts can arise when a natural leader emerges in those being overseen by a manager because the manager can feel uncomfortable and that their authority is being challenged (Door & Priori, 2008).

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