Earthquakes and Volcanoes Assignment

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The Most Earthquakes The country with the most earthquakes in the last 7 days would have to be Russia with 54. This is not surprising since they have the largest land mass Of any country, and the also borders the circus-Pacific belt (Lateens & Truck, 201 1, up. 183). Most of these earthquakes occurred near Petrodollar’s- Shamanistic, but they also occurred in the Sea of Shoots, near Silk’s, Pluckiness and Seriously. The Most Recent Earthquake The most recent earthquake was a 4. 8 magnitude just south of the Fiji Islands. This was 131. 4 km deep, which is considered an intermediate earthquake.

This region is also part of the circus-Pacific belt between the Australian and Pacific plates. Due to one plate sliding below the other there is a great deal of seismic activity in this area. The Depth of Earthquakes The Sea of Shoots also had the deepest earthquake, with a depth of 623. 0 km. This Valued be considered a deep earthquake since it exceeds 300 km. The shallowest earthquake(s) occurred in Greenville, California. There was a 0. 0 km recorded depth, and these earthquakes appear to be part of the Indian Valley fault, which is on the northern end of the Mohawk Valley fault one (Kilometer, 2013).

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The Closest Earthquake Not too many earthquakes occur in Colorado, at least none that I have ever heard of. The nearest earthquake to me happened on May 20, 2013 near Luther, Oklahoma. This event measured in at 2. 9 magnitude with a depth of 4. 5 km. Locals could most definitely feel this one. Something interesting about this one is the fact that it is nowhere near a fault zone, right in the middle of a stable continental plate. Conclusion Earthquakes can happen anywhere, and you don’t have to live near a fault zone to experience one.

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