To What Extent Are Volcanoes More Harmful To Our Society Assignment

To What Extent Are Volcanoes More Harmful To Our Society  Assignment Words: 761

Various hypes of movement occur along the different types of plate boundaries. Earthquakes measuring a magnitude of 1-6 are not that powerful; therefore, not much damage will be produced; however, earthquakes measuring Of a magnitude of 6th are going to be much more severe. In my opinion, Earthquakes present people with a more immediate danger and are more dangerous towards people than volcanoes, especially when cities and towns are affected. Also earthquakes have several aftershocks which a highly dangerous.

An earthquake takes place when two different tectonic plates nonvoter or transform against one another causing them to get stuck, the pressure then builds up for hundreds of years until one day the pressure releases causing earthquakes. The primary results being that they can kill/ injure many people in collapsing buildings and do a mass of damage to the country economy’s with the amount of money they have to put in for repairing buildings and funding emergency aid for people; however, this differs on how developed a country is.

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Earthquakes can also have secondary effects such as disease and stagnation (Leeds particularly) leading to more deaths and more funds being put into injuries. Furthermore, the reason why Earthquakes are more dangerous compared to volcanoes is that earthquakes are unpredictable; we only know they will happen along a plate margin but not where or when specifically. Some short term impacts of an earthquake could be that; People may be killed or injured. Homes may be destroyed. Transport and communication links may be disrupted. Water pipes may burst and water supplies may be contaminated.

Shops and business may be destroyed. Looting may take place. The damage to transport and immunization links can make things harder. Landscape may be destroyed and tsunamis may cause flooding in areas. Some long term impacts may be that diseases will spread and people may have to be re-housed or moved to refugee camps. The area will take a long time to be rebuilt and may cost a lot of money. In 2010, a really catastrophic event took place in Haiti. On that day several people died and hundreds were made homeless. Transport and communication links were also badly damaged by the earthquake.

All this problem lead to things like diseases spreading and communication/ remonstration failures. In the future, the government could make more earthquake proof buildings and have better warning systems. Also they could improve their emergency services. Volcanic eruptions can have a devastating effect on people and the environment. Volcanoes are formed when magma from within the Earth’s upper mantle works its way to the surface through cracks within the earth’s crust. At the surface, it erupts to form lava flows and ash deposits.

Over time as the volcano continues to erupt, it will get bigger and bigger. Volcanoes may not have as bigger destruction radius as an earthquake, but volcanoes are highly dangerous depending on what type of volcano it is. Also, financially the volcano would do more damage, due to the fact that anything in its path will be annihilated. Furthermore, unlike earthquakes, volcanoes can also have a positive impact on an area. These positive impacts can help to explain why people choose to live near volcanoes. Volcano’s can create islands and add to the continent.

Also the ash that is released in a volcano has a variety of minerals that are beneficial to lands; whereas, earthquakes cause nothing but destruction and disaster. Moreover, with volcano’s you have a warning; therefore, you have a lot of time to evacuate and get to a safe area. Some positive effects Of volcano’s is that it attracts tourists which increases the income. Also the volcano can produce geothermal energy. Some negative effects are that it could destroy natural landscapes for ever and can result to many lives being lost. In 1995-97 there was a devastating eruption in Montmartre (which is an LED).

Not a lot of people had died during this event due to the population, but there were those people that were too stubborn to leave! After this event the volcanic region was closed so nobody could go past; however, volcanic activity has calmed down and people are starting to return to the island. In conclusion, I think that earthquakes are infinitely more destructive than volcanoes because you can prepare for a volcano; whereas, you can’t for an earthquake. Also earthquakes do not have any benefits what so ever and they can come without warning!!!

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