Combating Water Pollution Assignment

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Water is an essential part of life. People need clean water to drink, bathe and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of this natural resource. How does water pollution occur? Some types of water pollution may occur through natural process but it is mostly a result of human activities. People use water everyday at home and in industries, approximately one hundred and fifty gallons per day per person is used in the United States (U. S Environmental Protection Agency). Lased water of a community is called sewage, if not treated properly; it is discharged into waterways water pollution will occur.

There are different types of water pollution. Estimates suggest that nearly 1. 5 billion people lack safe drinking water and that at least 5 million deaths per year can be attributed to waterborne diseases (Water Pollution and Society). Microbiological is disease-causing organisms like bacteria, protozoa and viruses. They can cause people to get sick. A variety of chemicals from metals and solvents are poisonous to fish and other ocean life. Nutrients may cause nuisance growth of aquatic weeds and algae. Weeds can make a lake unsuitable for swimming and clog waterways.

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Suspended matter such as soil ND wash off from plowed field causes silt when it rains. When silt enters the waterway the waters depth is reduced and ocean life and their environment may suffocate. To combat this problem I would create a detailed water pollution guide. The guide would have material on source water assessments and source water protection. This information will have ready to use materials and resources that are user friendly and easy for the audience to read. I would attend workshops on water pollution and get ideas on how to present the information to the community.

Public awareness is important to helping the immunity understand how to protect our drinking water sources. This also includes educating people in the community on the dangers of failing to recycle plastic. A community day will be set aside with the focus of how to save our water resources. Informative films and reading materials on the effects that not recycling will be offered. Bins will be provided for people to properly dispose of recycled materials. The community would be informed on things such as not letting the water runs when you brush your teeth, fixing a leaky faucet and only watering the lawn when necessary.

They would be a Halloween to the community to take five minute showers. It you conserve water in your community it will help ensure that water continues to meet our needs in the future. The community must become familiar with their local water resources and learn the proper way of disposing harmful waste. We need to keep pet waste leaves and grass clipping out of storm drains. People need to take care of existing trees and plant new trees to help prevent the soil from rotting. Maintaining healthy well waters will also be a focus of this event.

The appropriate testing materials would be brought including a reagent (a u absence which triggers a chemical reaction to gauge the nitrate level). People in the community can bring in samples of well water in baby food jars, Tableware containers and water bottles. The well water would be tested for the presence of nitrates and other contaminates free of charge. They will learn about non point source containment. They will also learn the importance of environmental health and understand their role in the safeguarding of drinking water.

Meetings will be held with local government leaders to stress the importance of their involvement. The goal of the meeting would be to discuss says to reduce contaminants from entering the storm drain, with a focus on contaminants from businesses. Containments entering waterways such as lakes and rivers are transported through storm drains. The storm drains purpose is to prevent flooding during heavy rainfalls. During the meeting a presentation will be shown on educating the community on storm drains and how materials that flow into them may enter local waterways. There may be some opposed to this plan.

The business community may view it as an additional expense which may affect their bottom line and cause them to educe staff. This may also impact the willingness of the community to participate is they feel that jobs would be lost. Proper education would help to quell these misconceptions as recycling and proper waste disposal may actually save businesses money and create jobs. Congress has passed legislation to try to combat water pollution. However, government cannot fight this problem alone. It will be up to the residents of this great earth to realize the short and long term effects of water pollution.

The community at-large must become familiar with their local water sources and learn the proper way of disposing harmful waste. We can do simple things to keep the water from being polluted. Am confident that this can be accomplished with involvement from everyone to save this great natural resource.

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