India Water Pollution Assignment

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What is India Doing to Control Water Pollution Caused by Sewage Waste? Studies found that sewage waste is the main cause of water pollution in India. The problem is caused by the poor treatment of dumping sewage and the failure to maintain sewage treatment plants. The Central Pollution Control Board, a company that monitors environmental issues in India, has created the National Water Quality Monitoring Network, which monitors the q laity of waters all year. The network monitors waters all over India.

Samples of water are taken freer entry and checked for acetate and other harmful substances within the water. Other ways Of sewage e treatment include air flotation, dual media filter, activated carbon filter, sand filtration and sludge d ring beds. These methods all take place in sewage treatment plants. Water treatment plants are very ex pensive and are needed to be maintained constantly. Removal of sludge is said to be the most untreated area of water treatment. This is because of the poor design and poor maintenance of the sludge treat meets. India has set policies to control sewage pollution in water. E Ministry of Environment and Forests has created financial and technical support systems to promote the proper treatment of water. The pro blame with Indian’s water treatment is that the government is not putting enough effort into making the water usable for its citizens. The government should promote the health hazards and future issues of watt ere pollution so the citizens can learn to treat their water better. Informing citizens is also a way of treats .NET because people will be aware of the issues water pollution will cause for them and therefore they will take action.

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