Water Pollution Assignment

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The selection on water resource that am going to talk about is water pollution. Water pollution is caused by different problems when people dump human or animal waste into the rivers and oceans, chemicals, and oil. Water pollution can have several different causes which makes it really hard to fix all of it. One of the main causes of water pollution is sewage when we deal with this type of water pollution it effects our lives in many different ways.

A lot of people on this earth dispose of sewage all of the time, when people dispose f sewage in any lakes, rivers, and the ocean, when people do this it effects our health and our living conditions more than we think. These people who do this do not realize that polluting the water is bad and that it can get a lot of people sick. One thing that think would be a good thing to put in place is a management plan; this plan will be able to alleviate the problem Of water pollution.

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In my opinion I believe that water pollution needs to have very strict laws when it comes to waste and fuel dumping. They need to have certain people that go out and test these lakes, rivers, and oceans to make sure that o one is dumping anything into the water. Also think that the government needs to have laws out that says if anyone gets caught dumping anything into lakes, rivers, or oceans will have to pay a fine, and if it does not get paid then they jail time. In my opinion do not understand where any person have an opposing view when it comes to water pollution.

My view on water pollution will be about making sure that this world stops polluting our water one step at a time. I have seen heard about people who do not care if they are polluting our water, why would our government let this go on? The people who pollute our water do not see the big problems that occur because of this it is killing all of the living creatures that live in these waters, and also hurting the people who use this water for things like showers, and to drink. One type of system that we could use is called the watershed.

A watershed is the boundaries for water resource, what this does is it drains to all of the bodies of water like lakes, rivers, etc. This plan is a strategy for effectively protecting and restoring aquatic ecosystem, protecting human health, and also preserving other natural resources. I have to say that since they did pass the Clean Water Act our country has made a pretty good progress in protecting all of the water, but we still have a long way to go. Everyday households are facing water pollution and probably do not even know it.

Your homes are the first place that you can stop water pollution. Some ways that you can do this is by disposing hazardous household products, and always recycle. By doing this we can cut a lot of water pollution, but it can also become a challenge. When it comes to water pollution, I will make sure that the community I live in ill know how they can stop polluting the water. There will be many different rules and regulations that will have to be followed no matter what. For us living in this world today we need to come up with as many different ways to protect our water from getting polluted.

It is going to take a lot to get everyone to stop polluting the water, and the only way can think of doing that is by showing them exactly what happens when they put anything into the water that does not belong in there. In my opinion believe that the only way that we are going to really stop polluting the water is by starting with our elf. The reason why I say that is because if we can make our self get into the routine of doing the right thing when it comes to waste, chemicals, and other things of that sort then we can really make a difference.

Action Items (In Order) I Action Steps I Timeline Research and identify the effects of water pollution. I Look over websites that talk about water pollution. Document all of the sources that cause water pollution. Get interviews on tape that have people talking about water pollution and how it hurts us. I Month 1-31 Create an education program that will teach them about water pollution. I Come up with a presentation that talks about why having a class that talks about water pollution is needed in the community.

I Month 1-3 Schedule the day and time of the presentation. Attend a monthly HO meeting to talk about the benefits Of the program, and request that this presentation be added to the up coming months agenda. I Month 4 Invite the whole community to come out to see the presentation. Come up with the total number of homes in the community.

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