Advertising Analysis Assignment

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It is necessary to interpret relevant advertising correctly. The following advert will be analyses in this paper. This advertising of Companion Leticia, which is a fitness planning company of Brazil, is consists of two parts. It puts two pictures into comparison, which are in similar surroundings. Looking at the ground being covered with sands and stones, and the settings of white fences, garden arts, water pipe and pouring kettle, along with those two women wearing pink blouse and denim overalls with a pair of pruning shears in their hands, it feels like in a garden, UT the background is a green wall, which makes it feels like indoor.

However, these two images are obviously different. One of the differences between them is that the one on the left is mainly occupied with a large elephant garden art which is surrounded by small fences, while there is only a small size round potted plant on the right hand picture. The huge green elephant looks quite exquisite and special, but the later is very common and much simpler. In addition, the woman who is handing a pair of pruning shears on the left scene is quite fat, and the other one is very slim and looks fit.

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Both of them are smiling and looking at the distance on their left hand side, the big woman is tilting her head and shoulder to the left, whereas the slim one is standing more straight and looks more confident. As a complete unit, the dominant hue of this advertisement is green, making the whole frame feels quite fresh and healthy. The slogan on the lower right corner of this advertising says: “spend more time on you. ” This is appealing to the audiences to spend more time on themselves with their fitness.

It can be seen from the image that this advertising used striking contrast to e eye- catching. Besides, comparative advertising make individuals get more involved in the information than non-comparative advertising do (Mulling, Stuntman & Crossbars, 1990). The left photo is filled with bulky plant and woman, thus it gives a sense of crowding. After comparing, the composition Of the right one looks much more harmonious and more attractive.

To be more specific, the elephant-shaped garden art looks really exquisite and time-consuming, which means the lady beside must have spent a lot time on pruning it. By contrast, the ball-shaped plant obviously does not quire too many efforts, but it looks concise and still has the same function as the former one, doing gardening this way can save much time for the gardener to do other things. The women in the pictures are in totally different figures, but they are in same clothes, holding same tools, looking at the same direction, and even have a same face.

Actually these two women are the same person, and these two different pictures are just like a comparison of current selves and future selves. As is declared, future selves can urge people evaluate themselves and revive motivation for them to make efforts to get better in the future rather than attain negative future selves (Markus & Nurses, 1986). By comparing with the future status, this advert stresses out the achievement of losing weight and inspires women who hope to own a healthy and charming body shape. Usually, highly attractive models might cause negative effects on self- perception, which may give rise to negative feelings. On the contrary, strengthening self-perception would bring active feelings (Line & Tsar, 2006), putting positive future selves together with the current status tells that even a at girl like this can be so slim only if she spent more time on herself to go to the gym. Ovals, Talky and Wood-Barlow indicated in their research that positive body image could bring satisfaction and confidence (2005), consequently build a healthy psychology attitude to life.

Comparison used in advertising helps the audiences to realize how important paying more attention on body shaping is. The discourse on the corner encourages males and females who have a body building purpose to spend more time on them, rather than to waste time on doing meaningless things such like pruning a plant. Furthermore, the potential meaning is, owing a perfect stature requires more efforts on doing exercises. In terms of the shape of the garden art, elephant, bares a traditional meaning of stability, patience and longevity.

To some extent, it implies that getting an excellent body shape also needs to be patient and resist for a long time. In addition, the discourse has a double meaning. From the perspective of the institution, they want to deliver the idea that they can provide more suggestions and more concerns on you compared with other agencies, as well as spend more time on you individually. To sum it up, the advertisement can be effective as it is a creative and special way to present the advertiser’s purpose.

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