Aggressive Advertising Assignment

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Aggressive Advertising Some advertisers make people seem like they are just another face in the crowd unless they are using their products and cannot familiarize themselves with the people in the ads. In Peoples Magazine, the October 25, 2004 issue the majority of the ads target young people that seek the celebrity image. People in modern society are always striving to be perfect and filling up what they lack. A lot of the time we need to belong to something and be noticed.

The two appeals that the magazine really emphasized was the need for affiliation and the need for attention. This magazine targets all ranges of audiences, from young men and women to older people. The majority of the ads are trying to pull people to buy their products and associate themselves with others. Many people really feel like they lack a sense of purpose. If they wear their products they will be just like the celebrities and can relate to them. If they use the products they can be in a group and feel important.

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By targeting the older people some ads show couples that are sitting together holding each other and smiling because they are selling a sexual enhancement products. In another ad they target young people again by showing a cologne and perfume ad. The ad shows us that if we don’t wear that product then we are not as good as them and will not attract as many people. The magazine that I chose really targets those who want to be apart of something and seek perfection.

The need for affiliation really targets people who lack a certain group or sense of belonging to something. For instance an ad in the magazine is selling a weight loss supplement called Hydroxycut. The ad has a young women that used to be heavy and now has a sexy slim body. In bold print the ad says “Suddenly the talk isnt just about my personality. ” The ad is trying to sell the product to heavier people that want a new body and can look and feel more confident about themselves. It shows the classic before and after pictures.

In the before picture she is overweight and clearly unhappy with herself. But in the after photo she is tan slim and really confident with herself. If someone was overweight and unhappy they would want to buy the supplement and be able to relate to thinner women and get that perfect body. Another ad that I chose is Got Milk. This ad is triyng to pull in people that want to be healthier and skinnier. It really tells us that society believes that we do not eat healthy and we have a huge obesity issue throughout America.

In the ad a very attractive women is holding a glass of milk with a skinny glass and she is wearing an elegant black dress. The ad has an article that tells us that studies show that drinking twenty four ounces of milk a day adds a healthy amount of calcium to their diets and may make you slimmer. The women in the ad says “who says you cant have kids and a sexy waistline. ” This tells us that society believes that after you have kids you cannot still maintain a slim physique.

This is a great example of the common belief that once you have kids it is nearly impossible to have a great body. Throughout the magazine I chose many people are manipulated into thinking that they must have their products to relate with others and be beautiful and sophisticated. The main appeal that is portrayed throughout the magazine is the need for affiliation. People always feel like they need to be apart of something to fit in and a lot of the time we feel like we always lack something. People’s Magazine is a great example of that appeal.

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