Aqa Geography Pakistan Source Study Assignment

Aqa Geography Pakistan Source Study Assignment Words: 326

Pakistan after a recent earthquake. Using Figure 1 only, comment on the evidence that suggests that an earthquake has recently taken place. Figure 1 indicates that the area in northern Pakistan has recently been victim to an earthquake from the rubble and debris seen in the picture. There are a significant number of rocks on the streets and what appear to be remnants of some housing.

The housing itself is fairly inconsistent; some of the housing -the tent or tent like structures- seems temporary and unstable, an indication that an earthquake may eve destroyed homes and created the need for transient housing. The majority of these tent homes are shown at the bottom right hand corner of Figure 1 . However, Figure 1 shows that there are also several intact houses which do not seem to have been damaged.

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This indicates that the earthquake may either have not been very strong, that this area of Northern Pakistan was not as violently affected by the disaster or that there is a large disparity in the preparedness of the citizens In the area (with some having weak housing and some having strong structures). In the background, the mountainous region shows that there may have been landslides. This is shown in Figure 1 not only through the Jagged sides of the rock but also through the contrast in color.

The area where the landslide occurred Is predominantly white (as opposed to the rest of the mountain which has vegetation growing on it). Lastly, Figure 1 shows a truck or large vehicle In the area (bottom left hand corner). This shows that there may be lad and help coming Into the area; It could also show that the area Is trying to re-build after the earthquake. Either way, the presence of the vehicle shows that this area must have been affected by an earthquake recently as the rebuilding or lad process Is Just beginning now.

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