A Summary of Detecting Air Pollution Assignment

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This article describes the study results bout mapping air environment pollution based on processing of spectral and geometric Lands TEM+ and SPOT images for 2 areas in Vietnam (Hanoi and Cam pa). 1. INTRODUCTION Optical satellite data can be used to enhance current understanding in climate prediction caused by aerosols. A variety of numbers of optical satellites provides diversified products to supply many tasks in related fields and aerosol optical depth determination is one of those. With the spatial and spectral resolution varying from low, moderate to high, aerosol optical depth (ADD) can be specified in different conditions.

For detecting air pollution, aerosols are considered as one of the major air pollutants responsible for human health problems related to the respiratory system (). The determination of aerosol optical depth (ADD) from satellite image data can be used as a tool for assessing air pollution in any area of interest (Stakeouts, Safaris, Retails, Kamikaze’s, 201 0; Retails, Safaris, 2009) The monitoring of aerosol concentrations becomes a high environmental priority particularly in urban areas. The proposed algorithm has been developed to allow the quantification of the aerosol optical thickness (TOT) over land.

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The algorithm compares multilateral satellite data sets and evaluates radiometric alterations due to the optical atmospheric effects of aerosols (Safaris. , Soullessly , Parsons, 1998). This article will present the ADD determination by using optical satellite data for Hanoi and Cam Pa area in Vietnam. For the purpose of this study, both optical satellite data and field observing station data were used to assist mutually in mapping air pollution and in verifying the secretiveness.

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