Detecting Plagiarism Assignment

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Detecting Plagiarism Sarah Courts GENII 05 5/1 0/2013 Alicia Brannon-Little The paper that was written for this assignment was found to be 97% similar to another article found online. Academic honesty is important because the whole point Of academics is learning the subject. If you take material from the internet and just copy it, you’re not learning the subject, you just copy and pasted what was already available online.

Next time for your paper please put information into your own words, and summarize the material with your own thoughts included to make it original. Also be sure you use proper netiquette when writing your paper, and make sure you write it in an appropriate and professional tone. Also make sure you cite your references correctly, and according to the pap writing standards.

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Please refer to the Center for Writing Excellence for more details on pap writing standards, a cite and reference generator, and also what I think will be the most useful tool for you to avoid future confusion about plagiarism, is the plagiarism checker. Simply write your paper, submit it to the plagiarism checker, and it will check to see how similar your paper is to there sources available online, the University Library, and a few databases of student written and submitted papers.

For this assignment, I’m sorry but you will receive an F. The second time you submit popularized work you will be suspended for the rest of the day, and receive an F on ALL assignments due that day. If it happens a third time, you will be expelled, and reported to the administration as someone who blatantly takes disregard to other people’s copyrights, and the Universities policies on Plagiarism. Please in the future strive to submit work that is only yours and original.

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